Monday, 1 June 2020

establishing the new normal

Yesterday marked the last day of No Meat May. I finished the month with only one failure: one day I just forgot the whole idea and bought a chicken burger. It wasn't a very good burger. Oh well, I'm calling it a win.  I intend to stay vegetarian most of the time, vego at home, meat out, maybe?

Restrictions are lifting in NSW, restaurants and pubs are able to seat 50 guests from today (for the last two weeks they were allowed to seat ten but that's not sustainable for a large number of venues) and tomorrow our regular Tuesday Trivia group will meet for a pub meal. Trivia hasn't been re-instated yet but it will come. I'm not 100% sure I even want to go back to trivia, I haven't missed it, but I would like to support the owners who have been closed now for more than two months.

There was a meeting today to discuss the issues around my colleagues returning to work. Hand sanitiser will be issued to all employees, cleaning schedules will be written for door handles and other high touch areas, chairs to be moved to prevent groups from sitting at tables. I wonder why we can sit in groups in a cafe but not at work? are these government regulations or are they the work of people who think more (or in this case, less) is better?

I think of covid as a respiratory illness so I haven't really thought that extra precautions need to be taken around food safety and I was surprised to hear of people bringing their own crockery to work. I guess if they don't want to use work crockery we wont be eating from cheese platters for some time to come,  sterile little single serve packs of biscuits might become the height of work cuisine. I'm not sure how to feel about that, it would be easy but rather uninspiring.

It falls to me to measure all the offices (or find out if anyone has measurements filed somewhere) and then calculate the maximum headcount for each room. I think the easiest way is probably just to buy a laser measurer thingy and get on with the job.

I'm off to the dentist tomorrow for a covid delayed filling, the hospital foot clinic on Wednesday and the physio on Friday. It's a good thing covid has reduced my work hours because I'm a high maintenance woman these days!

Friday, 22 May 2020


Most of my friendships are not of the regular catch -up type. I'm not sure why, all those years of child rearing maybe, distance, competing priorities (mine and theirs). My friendships are more of the twice annual dinner  type, or the "I'm in Sydney, can I swing by?" type.
It's always been ok with me, they are all the kind of people who I can see after a year and feel like we were never apart but the covid experience has left me wondering if I have misjudged.
I have said here repeatedly that covid hasn't changed my life a lot, I have still been working and maintained a semblance of the usual routine. It hasn't been difficult for me but I am aware that not everyone feels the same way and have made extra effort to let people know I am thinking of them. My cards and emails have often gone unanswered and I make a lot more phone calls than I receive, some people who I thought might have checked in with me haven't and people who i never imagined would be interested have called to ask how I am.
It makes me wonder how to interpret all of this. I know better than to make bridge burning judgements on people who are possibly anxious and overwhelmed but at the same time I wonder if some people ever really cared.
I hope I don't sound whiney, I don't think thats my intention. A friend of mine recently told me that he re-evaluated all of his friendships at age 50 and I wonder if the pandemic has prompted me to do that just a smidge nearly a decade early :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


No description available.

i was talking to a friend today who asked me "what on earth are all the challenges?"

Well, I challenged myself to No Meat May and as a matter of interest or inspiration for others I'm posting a photo and basic description of my food on Facebook every day. 

My brother challenged me to post every day for ten days, an album cover relating to music which formed my musical taste. I'm not really that type of music consumer but I'm trying. I'm up to day 5 and 'm not sure what I'll be posting for the next five days....

A colleague challenged me to post photos of my dog for ten days, so 'm up to day two on that, it may become repetitive!

What are they foooor? my friend wailed. I don't know, I guess people in isolation are bored?
What kind of ten day challenge would you set for your friends? What do you want to see or know about their lives?