Wednesday, 13 June 2018


We buried Miss Missionary today. Miss London seemed sad but ok and was mentioned frequently throughout the service. Our minister got a bit nervous in an unscripted moment and said something about us all joining Miss Missionary in heaven. He graciously laughed as people ribbed him about his eagerness to have us all die!

I was appointed co-ordinator for the afternoon tea and every one of my team were more experienced than I am at organising these kinds of functions. These are church ladies with capital letters and they know stuff but they all deferred to me and worked together to put on one of the most generous afternoon teas I have seen in one place.

On the subject of food, I am not able to start my new job yet because I have to pass a criminal history check and some criminal out there has been using my name. Eventually somebody will figure out that I have never been caught.

After a long day it was nice to be driven home by my daughter, allowing me to snap the brilliant sunset.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Problem with Closets

I'm not sure if I mentioned it last year. A very elderly lady from church spent quite some time in hospital and I visited every week. Let's call her Miss London.
Miss London is in her mid-eighties so during my visits, not being sure what to talk about, I asked about her life. She mentioned a woman friend who she was quite close to, they served in the Army together and retired together. If I remember right, they bought a house together. At some time the friend developed breast cancer and died. Miss London was alone in the world again and it was at that time she moved to Australia.
When she retired from nursing, she sold her flat and moved to a retirement village where she met Miss Missionary. They shared a car and travelled to church together, they shopped for each other and accompanied each other to medical appointments. The more I think about it, the more I imagine they may have been partners....
Miss Missionary shuffled off the coil last week after a tough enough and long enough illness and Miss London was quick to tell me I was the only person she received condolences from. I once asked Miss London if she had boyfriends as a young woman and she said she did but that she knew marriage was not for her. I was offering her a chance to come out to me, if appropriate but she never did and I can't help but wonder if Miss London has lost not only a friend but a partner.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Classic Phrases

Well, there has been a new skirmish in blogland. I'll refrain from commenting on the actual goings on but the writing involved! I just want to make a list of my favourite bits:

  • A battle of insults ensues, often ad hominem attacks 
  •  monolithically condemning great swathes of the population
  • ... an army of sycophants worshipping at the altar of my deathless prose
  •  it does remind me of children pissing on each other 
  • a taint of drama queen (king?) in your self victimization
  • Sometimes I wish you'd talk about men. Or something. Of interest.
  • either we do have grown up discussions of we play with yellow rubber ducks in the paddling pool of our earliest awakening.
  •  (Wo)man up, Man! 
  • what do you know about my behind? But yes, I am slim. So, I suppose, bonny, not boney, will do.
And, unrelated to the skirmish this wonderful metaphor "I have a lot of friends, human bubble wrap"

Bloggers, I bow at the altar of your gorgeous phrases.


If anybody is as dog crazy as I am, you might like to read this delightful description of a day out, by the whippety-grey, Charlie.

And for Charlie, if he should visit again, a picture of fellow long dog, Harry