Friday, 23 October 2020

Fun & Games

 Does anyone remember the days when every man and his dog was playing (facebook game) Farmville? What a sensation that was. Or to go even further back, Bejewelled? I didn't play Farmville but I loved Bejewelled. It's still around but with another name......

A little while back I started playing an interior design game. It's a lot of fun experimenting with different looks but not having to spend any money or do any work. In order to get "money" to spend in the game, I vote on other people's designs. 

I vote for or against a design for any reason that takes my fancy:

  • I love or hate the design
  • I think it does or doesn't fit the brief
  • I hate the colours
  • The artwork used doesn't fit the theme of the room
  • The designer has used an element very creatively
  • It's sophisticated
  • It's pretty
  • I can see the designer is new to the game and did well with a limited inventory
After playing the game for a little while I found that there is a facebook group where people discuss how to design better whine about not winning.
I found out that this interior design game is a VERY. SERIOUS. BUSINESS.

Voting against a room because all white upholstery would be a real life nightmare is, apparently, JUST. NOT. ON.

Small things.....small minds......mine included :)

Monday, 5 October 2020

Patisserie Adventures

Briony is home for holidays and on Saturday we took a drive to a patisserie we have never been to before. It was a sunny day and the drive was pleasant. Parking was easy and the shop was just around the corner. I slurped water from a bubbler as we walked past. Remember bubblers? Most of you probably call them water fountains.......

The patisserie doesn't just make cakes, they have coffee and a line in toasted sandwiches. We ordered iced lattes and mine was made with oat milk, a first for me and very nice. We also shared a broccolini toastie and an eggplant parmagiana panini. Who thought of putting charred broccolini in a toastie? It was good.

After that we chose from an array of cakes and eventually settled on a masterpiece of chocolate, ginger blueberries, blueberry gel and candied citrus. It was spectacular.

Then we chose tarts to bring home for Caitlin. Dulce de leche with Burnt Butter and Fig & Raspberry.

This is the only photo I have, taken after I'd eaten half. Well, I didn't want to faff around with photos when there was a sandwich to try, did I?

The instagram page for Saga Enmore, should you be interested in food porn:

Monday, 28 September 2020

Paint by Number

A little while back I saw a series of paint-by-numbers advertised. I've seen them before but this particular style really caught my eye so I picked one out and ordered it.
The artist in residence couldn't wait to try it out and she certainly has a steadier hand than mine. 
It sits on the table and we spend a few minutes when we feel inclined, it's proving to be quite therapeutic.
I'm inordinately pleased with this snap, too.