Monday, 22 October 2018

Crisis averted

A few weeks ago I received an email requesting a special morning tea for this Thursday. The occasion being a farewell to a colleague who will be taking up a three year overseas placement.
The only specification given was to have a cake. For past "special" morning teas we had scones and a fruit platter or sausage rolls added the normal fare.
My super market order came in today, including two unfilled sponge cakes as well as the makings of a filling. (lemon curd, cream cheese and blueberries)
My colleague Madge saw the sponges and enquired about what they were for so I explained and the lemon filling was given the tick of approval.
Later in the day though, she started asking why the budget wouldn't stretch to a catered morning tea.
In my innocence, I thought that "catered" was Madge speak for fancier and made a mental note to add some more items to the menu.
I was summoned quietly by the closest colleagues of our departing friend, they told me they wanted to be nice to their boss and went on to offer to order and pick up a large variety of sandwiches, quiches and fritters. One offered to make a fruit platter.
I was starting to realise that I had vastly underestimated this event and commented that I had no idea it was such a big deal.
"It kinda is" was the loaded reply.

I am still going to prepare my sponge but it won't be the centrepiece I expected.
Thank heavens they pulled me into line. The normal cheese, fruit, cake and cracker selection might have seen everyone fade away before lunch!

Monday, 8 October 2018

All things are passing

When I started in this job a few months back, the guy who seemed to take ownership of the coffee machine went to some trouble to show me how to refill the water and where the beans are kept. He finished with a request that I wipe the machine over if there were any spills.
I made a mental note:  **coffee**

The big question being, is this reflective of a whole workplace culture or is it just this guy? (on second thoughts, I was last employed six years ago and I don't think anyone worshipped coffee then like they do now so maybe no workplace is satisfied with a jar of instant any more....)

Mr Coffee Machine  is transferring to a far away place and three of his duties now fall to me.
The first is buying coffee. I am not to buy it at inflated supermarket prices but to get it at the fruit shop. It was half price in the supermarket this week so I have broken rule #1 already.

The tea towels are to be washed, preferably soaked in nappy soaker first. The only way I'll be washing nasty stuff like that down the drain is if someone complains about the state of the tea towels but there is only one person who uses them and I'd look silly complaining. I probably wouldn't listen either.

My third inherited duty is refilling the plastic cups at the water fountains. I'm not sure how to break that rule, hints accepted!

I was thinking about the coffee machines of way back. Do you remember them? Did they have them in other parts of the world?

A coin and the press of a button would lead to a horrid little plastic cup dropping from a chute, your choice of coffee or chocolate powder would fall into the cup, sugar or whitener and boiling water. The drink was always plastic tainted and the flimsy cup burned fingers but somehow those days it was good enough. Not "good" but "good enough"
As I went about my work today, someone was waiting for their espresso from the machine and we got talking about those old machines.
"Remember those clunky old machines with the Nescafe?"
"Yes"  he said "that was before we got spoilt......."

Monday, 1 October 2018

Carbon fibre "legs"

For the last six months I've been working toward getting some AFOs (ankle foot orthoses) and after seeing my GP, neurologist, orthotist, rehab specialist and special shoe guy (some more than once) I finally got them.
There's the AFO itself, designed to stop foot drop and some of the associated problems. They have some bounce and help me to get full benefit from the work I put in to walking.
Then the super deep orthotics which should stop me getting a pressure ulcer. They also help straighten out my wonky ankles. I currently have an ulcer so it's going to be back to the drawing board for some modifications.

I need special deep shoes to fit it all in....

So, I wake up every day, have a coffee and a shower, inspect my feet and then put these on. I thought I could wear them over some of my old narrow legged pants at home but the pants pull up and bag out like knickerbockers so wardrobe adjustments will be needed.

After a very shaky period of learning to walk in new shoes, new orthotics and new legs I'm really starting to like them but don't ask me to get in or out of them in a hurry!