Saturday, 13 December 2008

Where's Brian?

I've noticed that there is a little bit of concern about why Brian hasn't posted for a while.
Brian happened to mention that he has been busy doing lots of special CSI/cop training. Stuff like "How beautiful does a woman need to be before you can overlook her speeding?"
"Uniform wearing for maximum pick-up impact"
and some less important stuff, something to do with emergencies and terrorists and weapons. Then he went om to tell me that if such an emergency happens he's coming to live with us.
Brian, mate, there's not a whole lot of room in this old shack and the cook/housekeeper could be better but I've been thinking about how we could put you up.......

This is my old car. She died a year or so back and she's just sitting there, if we just move her away from the boat a bit you could rig a tarp in between them, a couple of chairs and a table would be good, Mini CSI could sleep in the boat and you & the Missus could sleep in the car. You could have quite a luxurious little set-up.

The local kids could educate the little fella. They're a friendly bunch.

Hows that for an unbelievable offer?


  1. Make sure you charge him rent.

  2. Absolutely charge them rent. Can Bob and I have free lawn chairs to sit and watch?

  3. suze,
    i was gonna put chairs in the pic!

    ran out of time for sophisticated props.....

    you might get run over by a kid on a bike but if thats ok by you you can watch all you want


  4. Hey now!

    Yes, I am tired and sore. I have been wearing what amounts to a plastic garbage bag and breathing all my air from a tank. That ended Friday.

    Today was Mini CSI's 5th birthday. He is getting old I tell you.

    However, I must say, the arrangements you have offered are just grand. Nothing wrong with sleeping in the car, and Mini CSI like boats, even ones that aren't in water. The only problem with the car is that the steering wheel is on the wrong side. That might give me bad dreams.

    I have been out of the posting business for some time, but tomorrow, I will get back to it.

    Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. hey bri

    plastic suits and tank air sounds awful

    happy birthday to the little chap
    what a lovely christmas that was five years back :)

    5 being the age of starting school i cant help smiling about how you send 'em off to school feeling like they're all growed up then a few years later you look at the new littlies and think just how tiny they are!

    i hope he has a wonderful day

    cheers and beers


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