Monday, 22 December 2014

#lettherebelight #illridewithyou

I have two clients waiting for their babies to arrive and while I observe and support them I am also considering the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago, the story of Christmas.
A mother nearing the end of pregnancy is usually not sleeping well, she is uncomfortable and anxious to meet her little one. She is probably a little afraid of what labour will bring and there tends to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster happening. The more spiritually inclined of birth workers acknowledge this stage as an important transition, something to be treated with patience and respect. One birth planning guide I use suggests that when a woman has finished planning everything related to her birth and baby she should hold a mother blessing as a ceremonial marker of the transition from thinking and planning (birth, nursery, support networks etc) to being  (a mother).
The birth of baby Jesus was a long time ago but Christmas is still a relevant cultural prompt, calling us to be still for a moment, maybe make a spiritual transition and consider our being. 
This year, Australians have a heightened sense of the worldwide need for "light" which can describe so many divine qualities: joy, peace, hope, compassion, patience, forgiveness and love.

This Christmas, I hope that all of you can find ways to experience some light and be some light.

Blessings to you all
Kylie xo

Friday, 5 December 2014

On Charity

I've been thinking about charity quite a lot lately, not sure how i will link everything into this post.....maybe i just wont!

Linda of Practical Parsimony is disabled and a pensioner, her main water supply pipe aged to the point where she lost her water supply and she has been without running water for well over a month now. Linda doesn't have an income that allows for her to easily cover a large unexpected expense but even with a go fund me campaign and appeals to local churches she has not so far been able to raise the money she needs to get the pipe fixed. We gladly donate to put wells in African villages but cant help an elderly american, why is that?

In an African village there is more likely to be social support but in our western cultures the social support is thinner on the ground and we also refuse to throw a few dollars at someone less fortunate. why are we so ungenerous?

In Australia (and I expect the US is similar) many people in Linda's circumstances would be living in public housing and not have to worry about infrastructure but Linda has managed to take care of her own housing so instead of helping out with the bit she cant  manage we penalise her by expecting her to take care of everything. Why do we do that?

Sometimes people give me their hand-me-down clothes because they dont want to just put it in a charity bin. (and I am happy to accept it) but if they dont want the stuff, why do they have any attachment to what happens to it next? why do they think that i am more "worthy" of their cast offs than a stranger?

Today i saw someone on facebook commenting that they had done a clean up and donated some never worn childrens clothing to a charity shop but she thought the (volunteer) workers in the shop were going to take the clothing because it would have good resale value. Really? my experience is that australians are so over privileged that most of the time you cant give stuff away, even when it's good. if the clothes sat in her cupboards, never worn, why does she suddenly care about who gets them? and what has it actually cost her to give her a right to be so attached to the outcome?

i have been trying to watch a Ted talk a day and in this one, the speaker challenges the idea that charities should be aiming for low over heads, suggesting instead that maybe we could allow them the financial freedom to invest and therefore make more of a difference. He has me convinced but i doubt the charities are able to change their approach based solely on my opinion.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Abandoned baby

My website was dropping in the all important google rankings. Then there was a hiccup with the server, which took a couple of days to resolve. The end result of all of that is that "Doula Kylie" is pretty invisible to the public and I must make every possible effort to get it back to page one.

To that end, please take a moment to click the link once, twice or (best of all) incessantly for my offerings on a current news story