Saturday, 25 April 2015

the mug cabinet

liam tells me this cupboard epitomises our life. i'm not really sure what he  means by that.......

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

disaster zone

in the last few days the coast of NSW, including sydney, has suffered cyclonic winds and unending rain. all the sand has blown off the beach at bondi, city garbage bins are shoulder high with broken umbrellas, ports were closed with a cruise ship full of sea sick holiday makers stranded outside the heads, 200 000 have been without power and four people have lost their lives due to flooding.  it has been a testing time and more weather is expected before the clean up can really get underway.

we have survived it all with only wet clothes and transport disruptions. our roof continues to hold up to the very worst weather without leaking and there are no large trees to fall on us so i have been free to weather watch.

the road to mum & dad's place

flooding a few stations away cut our line to the city. my whole family (except me) uses this line every day

i stumbled across a facebook post where a farmer cut off by floodwaters was trying to get hold of a generator so he could milk a herd of cows for the first time in two days. (poor cows.) i was delighted to see loads of people offering to hand milk. i wonder how many similarly interesting stories are unfolding out there.....

yesterday i went to the cinema in the rain and learnt that cinema coffee is not worth the hassle. i also got my sleeve caught in the queue control barrier, which resulted in me jerking my arm back and tossing a purse full of coin all over the floor. it was a typically kylie kind of moment. the second best marigold hotel was a sunny little distraction, so much so that i arrived home with such a wide smile that my cheekiest one asked if i had met a man.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

whole30, kardashians & death

a while back i decided to do the whole30 challenge, which is a month long eating plan with no dairy, no grains, no soy, no legumes and no sugar. i'm not sure if i got all the "no"s in there but to put it another way, just eating fruit, veg, meat, eggs & nuts.
i lasted 20 or 21 days on the plan and then broke it because i was out and needed to eat and take away food is not exactly whole30 friendly.
it was an interesting exercise, i did it for long enough to come face to face with my great love of sugar, my conditioned expectations around food (ice cream on saturday night) and just how much good protein or fat a person needs to eat if they are not filling up on carbs like bread or rice.
i didnt mind the program and i'll probably give it another shot but it didnt change my relationship with food', as soon as i was off the program i was OFF the program :)

interestingly though, while i was hyper attentive to my food i also stepped up my attention to things around me, as if stopping junk to the body also slowed down the junk to the mind.

business is booming for me just at  the moment, with a few bookings coming up, which is quite exciting and i have spent the last couple of weeks "supporting" a new mum. that support has consisted mostly of chatting about motherhood, babies and the kardashians while unbelievably being paid for the privilege. i sometimes remind the mum to eat and i attempt to look useful by running the dishwasher or folding laundry.

i have decided that i will train in end of life support as soon as the time is right but maybe i have a little growing to do before i will be effective at that type of work: last week i had occasion to speak with a woman whose mum had recently passed away. I cried (just a little) but the bereaved daughter didn't and somehow it's just not right that the support person be more visibly emotional than the bereaved!

and thats about the state of things