Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Normal-ish service resuming

After three weeks of a little sewing, a LOT of unpicking, some tears, tantrums and backache, I have finally finished the dresses and just in time. The big night is tomorrow.
I will make morning tea for the church playgroup, as I do every Wednesday, then taxi the girls to the hairdresser and to The Formal.
Most of the students will travel by limo and stay in an hotel after the event but this pair, like their brothers before them, will have to forgo all of that and I somehow doubt it is much of a loss.
It's funny isn't it? kids these days have more luxuries for their high school graduation than I had for my wedding! And don't I sound  old :)

I have more things in my diary for the next few days than I normally have in a month and when I get through all of that the stars might even align so that I can do a few things that have been rather too long on the back burner.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

the workstation

I have turned the lounge room into a workshop/ studio while I attempt my first sewing projects in quite a few years. ( Dresses for the girl's formal in 13 days, can you tell the countdown is on?) There are bits of frayed satin all over the floor and pins waiting for unsuspecting feet. I have had to become acquainted with wearing glasses and getting the work done in daylight hours.
I have found out that I press my tongue against my teeth when I concentrate, this is a great technique for exposing previously unknown tooth nerve damage and the pain has driven me to the dentist.

There's nothing like a tight deadline for finding out just what a woman is made of, right?

one almost down, one to go

Thursday, 22 October 2015

lessons from the trenches

I regularly stuff up at this having-your-own-business lark. Earlier this year I had trouble getting cash payments from a client so I decided that in future I would ask people to confirm bookings with direct payment to a bank account.

That worked until I had a call from a woman who had a baby crying in the background and sounded stressed. I asked for the direct payment but she said something about the in laws paying, she also had an American accent and I know Americans are (or have been) a little leery of direct transfer so I said cash on the day would be fine.
So far I have had two 1 am cancellations for a booking on that day and one request for same day service which was subsequently cancelled.
Not to mention that after telling her the price once and correcting her twice she still offered me an amount lower than my fee.

Maybe sleep deprivation has adled her brain, maybe she is in a tough spot personally but never again. Payment can be upfront and babies can scream the house down while I painstakingly write down an email address and send out an agreement with cancellation fees detailed.