Monday, 20 November 2017

Never look a gift horse in the mouth

Last night my daughter Caitlin was dumpster diving and found a very large number of eggs. Some were broken but there were many, many good eggs she managed to salvage and while I think I am good at making the most of what is available, I think people here will get sick of eating eggs before I get sick of cooking them. We also had a handful of premium face creams which were retrieved from a dumpster some time ago, Caitlin's boyfriend had sent them here for me to offer on a Pay it Forward group so tonight I offered 5 x dozen eggs and 5 x men's face creams for local piffers to pick up. I didn't include photos of my offerings because i don't have a smart phone and couldn't be bothered with any other method of getting pictures. I wasn't offering dresses here, folks, just eggs and face creams. For free.
Soon, I had the group administrator pointing out that I wasn't following the guidelines. I explained my "misdemeanor" and she informed me that next time I should get my busy kids to take photos in advance of the time I wanted to post my items. In the middle of this revolting conversation a group member also called me out on the lack of photos. Did I mention I was offering free things?
I replied that no, I did not have photos and no, I could not provide them. Then I said that the first person to pick up, someone who had not asked for a photo, could have the remaining face creams. After that i turned off comments.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Old Stuff

I'm trying to get rid of some old stuff. I'm not great at throwing out usable items so I have been trying a combination of a Facebook Pay-It-Forward page and ebay. It all started recently when someone in a birth related Facebook group was looking to buy books that I happened to have. I sold three books to her. As I put the books in the post satchel I flicked through them and wondered what forgotten gems of wisdom I was sending off but I hadn't picked them up after the first reading five-ish years ago so it's unlikely I would pick them up again, better to get a few dollars for them while somebody still sees them as relevant.

 Next, I moved on to this wee little bag. I put it on the Pay It Forward page and on ebay but nobody was interested in it either for free or for money. I guess it is less stylish than I thought.

Monopoly and Cluedo were picked up by some local people. I hope they get some use from them.

I also managed to find a buyer for some toner cartridges taken from a dumpster. I advertised two on ebay and a guy came and bought four. He came back the next week for another four. I suspect he will be back this week for the last ones. He offered a price lower than I advertised (which was already a mere fraction of the new price) I hate it when people offer even lower than an already low price but I might have waited a long time for another buyer and we both knew it. Well played Mr Tight-wad, well played.

Now I'm having a shot at Piffing (Paying it forward) some vintage sewing patterns. I see that some people are selling old patterns for $5 to $10 a piece so I should be able to give them away, right?

Time will tell, I suppose.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Common as muck

According to Mr John Gray, it's "common" to have a settee outdoors. Maybe it's not so common if you are in Australia rather than Wales? or maybe it's more common when you call the settee a couch or sofa?
Harry doesn't seem to mind being common, he has claimed the couch on the deck as his own. Of course Harry probably has an identity issue given that greyhound racing is the dirtiest, commonest sport around but greys are historically regarded as aristocratic and elegant. In some places they could only be owned by nobility.
I had a look for a list of characteristics that make a person "common" and it would seem that the qualifiers are as many as there are people:
  • large tattoos
  • drinking light beer
  • eating wonder bread
  • having a trampoline that covers more than half the backyard
  • outdoor settees
  • broken down cars on the street
  • swearing
  • teen pregnancy
  • baby bumps on display
  • fake tan
  • regional accents
  • eating in the street
  • arguing in public
I qualify on a few counts. It's a good thing Harry doesn't seem to notice.