Wednesday, 21 June 2017


I'm borrowing this series of questions from Rummuser because, why not?

Four names I go by:

Kylie, Kyles, Mum, Mama bear
Four places I have lived in:
I have lived in three houses in two suburbs, all in Sydney. I joke that I feel I live at the local shops so that adds up to four places.
Four places I have visited:
In the course of visiting my in-laws I have been to a few places in Malaysia with quick side trips to Thailand and Singapore. I took myself to the US for my fortieth birthday and have been to Tasmania a couple of times.

Four things I love to watch on TV:
I haven't watched much tv in a very long time but I tend to watch tv series on netflix. Currently watching Downton Abbey. Recent favourites: Luther, Death in Paradise and Shetland.
Four things I love to eat:
Pasta, baked goods, cheese & chocolate.
Four people who I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
Honestly? probably nobody and that's ok.
Four Things I love to drink:
I drink coffee and water most of the time and I don't love water. Fruit juice, chai, hot chocolate in winter or an occasional lemon lime & bitters are all a nice treat.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Dumpster Diving

"War on Waste" is a three part series which has played on TV recently and generated some  interesting discussion in our house. After watching this story about dumpster diving, my boys got very curious and decided they would try their luck at it. They have been out two nights and come back with a range of food in various states. There have been doughnuts, bread, finger buns, apples, salad leaves, eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, milk, yoghurt, fruit juices, sausages, dog food, chicken burgers and cabanossi.  

 Some of the spoils looked good when they first came home but cold light of day revealed that they weren't worth the effort, other things were perfectly good or just needed a little trimming.                                              
Last night we made a vegetarian moussaka using dumpster eggplant and rice pudding using dumpster milk.

Today we have had dumpster broccoli soup with garlic croutons made from dumpster bread. We have also had some fried cabanossi for snacks and Harry the hound has enjoyed re-claimed yoghurt and a
chicken burger. I always cook the broccoli stalks for him but today they were more plentiful than usual.

The whole dumpster diving process is quite a distraction, checking local bins and rescuing food takes an hour or two, depending on how enthusiastic one gets and then the whole process of unloading it, determining it's usefulness and making room in the fridge can become quite lengthy so I expect there might be a lot of dumpster diving during the coming uni break and it might need to go on the back burner when classes resume.

Right now, it is exhilarating for the divers, fascinating for the rest of us and quite a boon for the budget.

I wonder what they will bring home next?

Saturday, 27 May 2017

People Watching

This week I have spent a few mornings collecting for the Red Shield Appeal, outside a supermarket, in a set up just the same as this one.

All of that sitting allows for some serious people watching.
Last Saturday I noticed that nearly every woman I saw was wearing "active wear". This week, not so much.
All the take away coffees were in the same type of cup so I guess there is one place with the good coffee.
I saw one young woman in a truly beautiful outfit and I would have told her so but she wouldn't meet my eye. The outfit was a long flowing blue velvet skirt with a floral blouse and short boots.
I saw a young mum run back to the shop for a forgotten bag of shopping. I had seen her with two littlies but she didn't come back with the children and had probably left them in the car after belting them in. I recognised her panicked look.
I think that middle aged women are the only people who wear horizontal stripes and why do they? do horizontal stripes look good on anyone?