Wednesday, 13 December 2017


I'm sure you hear about people who are dying and write letters for their children to open at pivotal moments in life. My children are all young adults now and hopefully I have imparted all the big ideas, the general life advice. I got to wondering, if I was writing for my children or any other, what would I say to them?

  • if you can possibly afford to buy mid-range shoes they will be far more comfortable, last better and look better than cheap ones, disproportionately better than the price difference
  • love in an action, you can do it even when the feeling fails you
  • have a spiritual practice
  • eat what goes off and eat it before it does
  • talk to your kids. talk about tv shows and what happens at school, tell them stories from your life, talk to them in the car or waiting at the doctors or over dinner
  • sometimes trusting people backfires but mostly it doesn't
  • take lots of photos
  • keep your neck warm in winter
  • be kind
What would your words to the world be?

Thursday, 7 December 2017


L-R deconstructed potato, aioli, milk, espresso, dropper of sugar syrup (??!!) glass of coffee ice cubes

only last week i was at a dinner where a lady complained that food these days is always "deconstructed"
today i ordered an iced coffee to help me power stagger through a hot and humid day.
did you think it would be possible to deconstruct a coffee? more to the point, should a person pay twice as much for a coffee they make themselves?

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kris Kringle Fail

My regular readers might remember that earlier this year I became responsible for the seniors group at my church.
It was a small group to start with and some days our numbers dropped to a very discouraging three or four people as winter flus, mental health issues and other concerns took their toll. A few more have been coming along as the weather has warmed up and today, the last meeting of the year, everyone was there.
Despite being the "leader" of the group, I had no idea everyone would bring a Kris kringle gift. It had crossed my mind to organise a gift swap but we had one for the "birthday morning" only a few weeks ago and I decided against another. Oh well.
There was Christmas cake and shortbread at morning tea and Liam came along to play guitar for carol singing. I gave a short talk about biblical figure Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.

I brought along a borrowed book to return to it's owner and she told me it wasn't a loan but a gift. It wasn't so long ago that the same woman made a remark so cutting that I had to repair the damage with the best part of a pack of chocolate biscuits (and there was I thinking I wasn't an emotional eater)
Her apparent change of heart was a compliment to rival many others.