Wednesday, 19 December 2018

world domination awaits

There are changes afoot in my workplace and so I will soon be responsible for maintaining the coffee machine. I will also be issued a corporate credit card and as usual I will set up the morning teas.
I think we can all agree that with the coffee and food in  my hands I have a great deal of power, coffee being the drug of the masses and all that.....

The weather here is hot, humid, stormy and generally quite tropical. I don't want to whinge but I'm really not a fan. On the good side, we are inching closer to breaking the drought and lawns all over the suburbs are lush. On any dry-ish evening the din of amorous cicadas is matched only by roaring  lawn mowers. And while I talk about the sounds of summer, this is insect utopia so the flies and mozzies are in full force buzzing and biting, testing fraying patience.

I will be away from home for a couple of long days this weekend. On Saturday I will pick up Miss London and we'll drive out to Bathurst, which is three hours away, for the fiftieth birthday of an old friend. I hope there are no traffic delays. Then home again and off down the coast to my sister's weekender for the family not-Christmas. With all of the to-ing and fro-ing I am a little concerned about Harry so have arranged for a local dog minder to pick him up for doggy day care. She came to meet him this morning and he was keen to jump on the couch with her. Once upon a time I would have regarded doggy day care as a complete extravagance but these day I just regard it as the price I pay for peace of mind. I would be distraught if he was injured or got heat stroke or ran away.......

I'm thinking that if I have time I'll make a ginger trifle for Christmas. The rest of the preparations are in Caitlin's super capable hands.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

New Specs

Sometimes I feel as though I live in a different world to others. I remember a colleague long ago telling me that she liked her nails with pink polish and cut in the squarish shape that was fashionable then but her husband liked them oval and French manicured. I looked down and her nails were oval and French manicured. I wondered why on earth she did what he wanted when it was such a small issue. Then again, I guess we could say it wasn't a large concession so she did what pleased him.

Recently I heard of a woman trying on new glasses. She picked a pair she liked and sent a photo to her husband. He didn't like them. She changed her hair and sent a picture with the same glasses. He thought the "new" glasses much more flattering. It's a funny story but it left me questioning:
If he didn't like them with the different hair, would she have bought them?
How many hair styles would she have tried before she convinced him?
Why did she even ask if she was then going to manipulate the situation to get t he answer she wanted?

Or maybe I'm taking it too seriously because she was just showing him different looks as part of the ongoing conversation a couple has. It doesn't really matter what her agenda was, the story is just to say that sometimes I'm shocked by just how differently I view things.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Christmas Cards

Image result for christmas cards

Last year I really enjoyed the Christmas card swap organised by Anne at Cooking and All that Jazz.

She is running it again this year but I was late to the party so no swapsies for me. Instead, I'll send one to you if you email me with your address!


You better get on it .....
and then I better get on it.....

and maybe you can get a card from me sometime before valentines day!

While we are talking cards, do you have any card traditions you feel like sharing?