Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Greeting cards

You might remember that back in April, my church was amalgamated with a few others. Like all amalgamations there was shuffling of roles and I became the leader caretaker of the seniors group which meets on a Wednesday morning.

Before I was involved, the activities of the group have included various crafts, games and outings at different times but as a non-crafty, poor game player I have tended to focus on conversation and I have never been sure that my style is what people want or expect.
Yesterday, I saw an opportunity for something different and I bought a handful of generic type greeting cards. I thought everyone could write a card to somebody while they chatted over cups of tea and this morning I was excited to present something different. I got the cards out and spread them across the table so people could easily choose from the selection. I put out pens for everyone and talked briefly about my idea.
You know what happened? they looked at the cards, said it was a nice idea, chose their favourite from the pile and then proceeded to explain why they were all going to take the cards home to write in!
Then they looked to me to find out what we would talk about next!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


My doula training made much of Evidence. I learned to offer clients evidence relating to the decisions they would make, I heard about Evidence based Medicine or Evidence based Practice and I learned where to go for "evidence based information" ie.scientific studies.
Of course, my relationship with evidence started way back, humans start interpreting evidence from our youngest moments. In those early days we do it without the benefit of training and we might make poor conclusions but we do it anyway, exploring the world through trial, error and observation.

In my school days I did well at science, which of course is the whole formal process of collecting and interpreting evidence to make conclusions about the world we live in. I also learned to look for evidence in less scientific areas, analysing the message of say, a novelist, based on the evidence found in the text.
As our scientific understanding grows we seem to value evidence more and more, no longer interpreting the world through superstition, legend and religion but making serious, organised, scientific enquiry into all that concerns us. I think the rise of evidence based thinking is partly behind the decline in Christian religion in the western world. What rational, educated person believes in a God who has no proof? What could we possibly measure to prove or disprove the idea of God?

As a Christian, some areas of my life can't be governed by proof, I have to turn away from the idea of evidence and live in the realm of belief. (or confirmation bias) Many times I have thought that my scientific training and mostly logical approach to life don't match with my religious belief, I have wondered why I live with the dichotomy and I have wondered what it says about me.

As I meet more clients and attend more births, as I explore evidence related to childbirth and watch the process unfold, I notice that no client, no midwife and no doctor makes evidence based decisions all of the time. We decide through belief. If evidence is strong and we interpret it correctly and have no emotional baggage to muddy the process, evidence and belief will become the same thing. At this point we tell ourselves that we will make our decisions based on evidence but what I see more often is that belief creates reality. If a woman believes she can birth without intervention, she has a good chance. If she believes she was made with the capacity to make and birth a baby, she will. If a woman believes she might never have a spontaneous labour, she probably won't. If she believes she will need a caesarean section due to "large baby", "small pelvis" or "obstructed labour" she probably will have the caesarean. The Chinese woman who was told that Asian women can't breastfeed never did successfully breastfeed.

Evidence. It is at once, everything and nothing.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Farmhouse Cheese

Farmhouse Cheese and Starving Greyhound

The dumpster diving continues and we have an unpredictable but reliable (you didn't think those two words worked in a sentence, did ya?) supply of cheese, dips, fruit juice, milk and small goods. There is a bakery that throws out finger buns, chelsea buns, bread, pizza and tea cakes but sometimes their bag of unsold goods has the floor sweepings dumped into it and nobody can see the sweepings until the loot is home and well lit. It is always heartbreaking to find sweepings on a chelsea bun!

A few nights ago the boys went "diving" as I call it, and came home with 22 litres of A2 milk. My daughter uses A2 milk and we buy it at about $5 for a 2L bottle. Unfortunately I don't have freezer space for this unexpected windfall so I offered free milk on a Pay - It - Forward site and to the dumpster diving community but I guess milk is of low value and even the woman who said she wanted some never showed up to get it so I turned 4L into farmhouse cheese. It is milky and sweet flavoured, goes well on a cracker. If I was super organised I would show it with the choko pickle I finally got around to making, I'm sure it would be a good combo!

Farmhouse Cheese Recipe here