Monday, 5 January 2015

whats your theme word?

i've been following my nose around the interwebs tonight and came across a blog talking about choosing a theme word for the year, rather than  making resolutions.

it's not a new idea for me, my friend, one time blogger, debbie chooses a word every year (the one i remember is celebrate and i bet she thought no-one was listening) but i have never thought a whole lot about it.

choosing a theme for the year seems a bit more achievable than a resolution. resolutions tend to be specific but at the same time vague: "lose weight" how much and by what means?  "get healthy" in which ways?
resolutions just about ask us to fail but a theme word, well it's just a theme, you can't exactly fall off the wagon, you can just adhere to the theme more or less closely

the idea of having a theme seems to be a faith based practice but maybe i just happened to be reading a faith based blog? does anyone know about this?

i'm not sure whether i will choose a theme for the year, i'll have to let the idea percolate a bit and see if anything grabs me.

have you ever chosen a theme word? might you? what word draws you?

attitude, authenticity
courage, cherish, celebrate
energy, empowered
grace, generous, gratitude
humility, health
justice,  joy
love, learn
relationships, read
serendipity, sustainable

Monday, 29 December 2014

Mr Turner

This is my facebook status from this evening:

"took the girls to the movies this arvo, forgot to get the parking ticket validated, dropped a brand new Christmas present lip balm in the cinema, clutch bearing burnt out with the car stuck in first gear, managed to get out of the traffic with blue smoke billowing, waited a merciful 45 minutes for a tow and got home way too late to cook the chicken schnitzels i planned for dinner. I was pretty bummed and then briony mentions a school friend broke her back in a car accident last week. I guess I'm good"

I AM grateful for a life that is mostly very privileged, easy and blessed with good health and every day i remember that lots of people have things far worse but this IS a blow and a huge inconvenience.

On the upside, Mr Turner was a pretty good film. It's a biography so in a sense it lacks dramatic tension but still an interesting look at a weird character. I loved the look of the film, it was like being dropped into an oil painting which is fitting because Mr Turner was an acclaimed artist. He is probably still famous but I am a philistine.

Monday, 22 December 2014

#lettherebelight #illridewithyou

I have two clients waiting for their babies to arrive and while I observe and support them I am also considering the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago, the story of Christmas.
A mother nearing the end of pregnancy is usually not sleeping well, she is uncomfortable and anxious to meet her little one. She is probably a little afraid of what labour will bring and there tends to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster happening. The more spiritually inclined of birth workers acknowledge this stage as an important transition, something to be treated with patience and respect. One birth planning guide I use suggests that when a woman has finished planning everything related to her birth and baby she should hold a mother blessing as a ceremonial marker of the transition from thinking and planning (birth, nursery, support networks etc) to being  (a mother).
The birth of baby Jesus was a long time ago but Christmas is still a relevant cultural prompt, calling us to be still for a moment, maybe make a spiritual transition and consider our being. 
This year, Australians have a heightened sense of the worldwide need for "light" which can describe so many divine qualities: joy, peace, hope, compassion, patience, forgiveness and love.

This Christmas, I hope that all of you can find ways to experience some light and be some light.

Blessings to you all
Kylie xo