Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Anzac Bridge

This is another fantastic looking bridge that I have never crossed. I just never needed to and it hasn't been there so long......

It's close to Sydney's CBD so it is a distinctive part of my home town and whether I have crossed it is pretty irrelevant. It's beautiful.


  1. That's really beautiful!

    Best wishes,


  2. To those who view this blog site from outside Australia or New Zealand. The acronym ANZAC stands for AUSTRALIAN [and] NEW ZEALAND ARMY CORPS. The Anzac bridge has the national flag of both countries flying, one from each of those rising cable towers you see in the images posted by Kylie.
    The name was coined during WW1 as a convenient way of writing the whole title as above. There is now a lot of emotional attachment to the word in New Zealand and Australia and the bi-natinal day to remember the fallen is called ANZAC Day. It is a public holiday in both nations and falls on April 25 every year. April 25 is the day when Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli in Turkey and lost thousands of men.

    LEST we Forget.

  3. Wow I had no idea there were THIS many beautiful bridges in Sydney..

    I appreciate the history behind the bridge too...

    I'm gonna have to take a walk around Melbourne and see what bridges i can find ;)

    Thanks kyles, you're the bestest, ;)



  4. big m
    walk round melbourne or come to sydney and see ours!

  5. Hi Kylie,
    I didn't know you had this bridge in Sydney. Very modern looking.
    I haven't been able to reply to your comment as Helen gets on the computer and i didn't get a look in.
    Yes Helen does have to go under as they have to be cut out as they are still under the gum. It's day surgery and the rooms rang to see if we are insured, but no mark dropped it awhile back and we only have extras general dentists eyes physios etc. It is unfortunate mark had the operation so recently as I've known for years Helen was going to have this op sometime after her braces came off. Helen has the same problem as me with a small mouth no room for them. I was lucky mine never came through and i was hoping the same might happen for her but the x-rays show they are pushing the teeth sideways.It looks like it going to be more expensive than i thought. AHH!!
    Now she has been complaining of stabbing pains in the stomach. I took her to the doctor's yesterday and he wants her to have a blood and urine test. It never ends does it.

  6. Hey Kyles,
    Why haven't you been over this bridge? Luigi and I have been over it a couple of times. Once on it we've said "OOPS, we missed the fish markets - again".

  7. skeeter!

    best wishes back atcha!

  8. megan,
    hi !
    i'm rushing my blogging these days and not commenting so much but i'm readin ya babe

    have a great day

  9. hi jo,
    you've had a bit of a run on doctors lately, havent you?
    it's all so time consuming.

    keaghan is going to need braces and some surgery, i hate to think of the cost and the hassle so i keep putting it off....

    have a wonderful day

  10. na!
    maybe i havent been on it because i dont go to the fish markets?

    kiss "my" girls for me

  11. I will cross all these bridges someday. It's a vow.


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