Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the most romantic thing i never did

leah, you asked for my thoughts on romance and i think you have condemned yourself to a series!
the most romantic thing i ever did (in my opinion) was to write a poem. in this poem i described the meeting of a couple in love. it talked about quickened heartbeats and quaking legs, it talked about the way two hearts, two minds, two selves become one. it was not talking about love or sex, sentiment or sensuality but about the alchemy of the whole experience. it was good and powerful and raw. so raw that i felt my heart was exposed and beating on that page. i couldn't live safely in the world with my heart on a piece of paper and i destroyed it. it became the most romantic thing i never did.


  1. Damn! How much do I wish we could see that. It is quite romantic, though, the destruction of that poem. Thanks for sharing that with us, as much as you could.

  2. Hi Kylie!

    That was a remarkable story. Very powerful. Compelling reading

    Best wishes,


  3. What an unusual and creative woman you are!


  4. I hope you did or will experience an encounter like this for real! :-)

    Congratulations on winning a spot on David's POD list, which brought me here. :-)

  5. Here from POTD at David's.

    Strange story, but yes, totally romantic in an almost Gothic sense.

  6. that's a really great story!

    here from POTD at david's blog.

  7. You told the story perfectly. I could almost imagine the words as you were describing it. Oh, I came here from David's POTD.


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