Monday, 9 March 2009

A few More pics.....

It's hard to see the engraving on this but it was an interesting little sidelight to our day out on Saturday. On the safety rail of the Sea Cliff Bridge were about half a dozen engraved padlocks. This one commemorates a fortieth wedding anniversary.


  1. That's clever- the picture of your wing mirror. And tose locks- what an unusual commemoration!

    You have inspired me to take my teens out somewhere one of these weekends!

  2. #1

    I don't have time for this. You know that. HOLY CRAP!!! I've miss so much in 3 or 4 days. Wow, what a beautiful road trip. The water, the sky, the smiles. Honey, you look so happy and beautiful and the kids are stunning. Oh, sorry, talking about two posts ago (playing catch-up)! Wise decision to do somthing different Saturday. The photos are gorgeous. Read Kris' instructions. Very useful.

    And then the dishcloth...pretty. Leah sure can knit! And your kitchen is lovely. I love all the shells because I love shells and have a HUGE collection. I exhaled until I saw the dish water. Honey, is it legal to wash dishes in that dishwater?!!!! Oh, just having fun with you. ;)

    I adore the padlocks. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for taking me on this trip honey. I had a blast. What a beautiful country.

    Love you and hope all is well.

    XO Me

    P.S. Before coming here I uploaded a photo of your magnet. I know I'm late, but at least I'm thinking about you. You know how hard I try to do things in a timely manner! You're a better woman than me. XO

  3. It took so long to write #1 I'm now #2. *Give's Cinnamon a gentle kick in the ass.*


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