Saturday, 14 March 2009


i seem to have lost my mojo, so I did a google image search on "mojo"
this is what i came up with:

I was up at the local shops last night getting some fish & chips for dinner and I saw a fireman wearing an Oklahoma City Fire Rescue shirt. I guess he was on exchange or something.
A few weeks ago, when I was on the same mission, I met a nun from the US too. I can't remember where she was from, I do remember her telling someone it was near Texas. Anyway, I was wondering if there is some special attraction about Riverwood?

I think the most notable thing about Riverwood is the function centre next to the shops. I always have a sense of the surreal when I'm schlepping up there in my work clothes or my sloppy weekend stuff and I'm surrounded by folks in their best clobber. The red carpet on the ugly suburban footpath is even more bizarre.............

I thought I would list what I spend this weekend. You can read it and marvel at whatever bit you find interesting. I will add to it throughout the weekend.

  • dvd rental $5.90
  • fish & chips $30
  • flowers $10
  • lunch $24
  • petrol $28
  • noodles, tomatoes, coriander & egg rolls. all bought at the local chinese grocery and all for tonights dinner $13.50


  1. Hummmmmmmmmm, almost $36 and the week isn't up. This is gonna be fun! Honey, can you spare a dime!?

    It's true, the photo down below does make you look like a NYC police officer or firefighter. Too funny. That was my first thought.

    Now for some sound advice. Do you think I should keep asking Bob for his birth date? Oh God, I'm laughing too hard. You were SO rude "over there!" Don't make me come to Australia to straighten you out young lady!!! Kylie, it's all in fun. Easy breezy. I'll stop, but Merelyme is simply out of control!!!! Whatdayathink babe...the 15th?

    Love you baby. You look terrific, long hair or short, blue or colorful. You're a gem. I just adore the hell out of you.

    Me XO

  2. suze
    yep, i was rude

    i guess

    i have a wallet full of dimes, if an aussie 5c is any use to you you can have em


  3. Nah, you weren't rude. I'm kind of over it, too. Bob did say he was going to stretch it as long as it lasted.


    It's lasted.

  4. Oh what a crazy picture.

    Have a good weekend- hope your purse is not too depleted by the end!

    If i wrote down everything i spent i am sure i would spend less. It's like keeping a food diary (perhaps I should do that as well!)

  5. cinnamon,
    if i wrote a food diary i'd be horrified, i know !

    my purse will surely be depleted, i can spend money like water on the weekends. at least i was out when the ice cream man came round or that would have been another $8


  6. That photo of the toddlerpede is scarier than the kid with a fork up his nose.

  7. So far I have successfully avoided the ice cream man. He drives by EVERY DAY.

    I don't know how much longer I can hold out, I really don't!

  8. Oh honey, you aren't rude, just funning with you.

    You've updated! That's more than $36. Oh, and the photo? I'm going to have to think about that one. Really.


  9. Hi Kylie!

    An Oklahoma City Fire Rescue shirt. I just saw some of those guys coming into a restaurant last night when I was up in the City. Small world. Guess they travel pretty far to put out fires and rescue people. No, seriously they do have a program where we exchange firemen/first responders with other cities. It was something that we started after the Murrah Building bombing back in the 90's. Some of the folks who came to help us were from New York City and we were very saddened when they lost their lives in the 9-11 attacks. I hope that our fire/rescue people are helping out well!

    Best wishes,



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