Saturday, 16 May 2009

remember the competition?
i laughed when i realised that i encouraged you to suck up to me because it's not me you need to impress, it's the voters!
having said that, flattery is always a good thing :)

was bob serious with this?
Please, please give the book to Suzy because she never wins anything.

peter has a good list, with lots of sucking up
Well, here's my list of things to do in Sydney...
1 - Go and see Kylie
2 - Buy a minivan and go around Sydney in it with Kylie
3 - Climb the bridge, with Kylie
4 - Go to the area of the club for Priscilla, with Kylie
5 - People watch on Manly, with Kylie
6 - Go rollerblading, with Kylie
7 - Pretend to be Kath and Kim with Kylie
8 - Sing and dance to Kylie Minogue by Mrs Macquarie's Chair, with Kylie
9 - Wear silly hats, with Kylie
10 - Play a didgeridoo (spelling??), with Kylie

And what would I do with the book? Hmm, dunno, maybe read it or look at the pretty pictures.....

random is a woman after my own heart
1. Eat
2. Eat
3. Eat
4. Eat
5. Eat
6. Eat
7. Eat
8. Eat
9. Eat
10. Sleep

Do I win?
well, does she?

megan is to the point
I like pictures.

suzy loses points for spelling but gains for loving the Thorn Birds
1. Because Bob says so.
2. Because I say so.
3. Because I love Sidney.
4. Because I'm an Australian at heart.
5. Because I read the Thorn Birds when I was 18 and fell deeply and madly in love with Father de Bricassat. DOES ANY ONE HERE KNOW WHO FATHER de BRICASSAT IS? No. I'm afraid not. Everyone, just move outta my way. That alone catapults me to first place. Trust me.
6. You want more? Oh Jeasus.
7. Because I can still wear a bathing suit on a Sidney beach and not be kicked off. Maybe. Well...that's stretching it.
8. Because I love men. So does Kylie. I think I deserve to win just for that!!!
9. Because I'm almost to 10.
10. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't know. Because I deserve it?

cece goes for the sympathy vote but i'm not sure that strategy is going to wash
should win the book because I'm poor, and because college and car insurance will cost too much when my boys become teenagers, so I must start saving money now and I will never be able to afford a trip to Sydney. Therefore, I need a book to look at and dream about it instead. Oh and did I mention the fact that I'm too poor to go and buy it myself? All my money goes to my kids.

my old man gets a vote for local knowledge
Take a walk along along Oxford Street.
See where Marcus Einfeld lives or used to.
Walk across the Sydney Cricket Ground.
Have a riot of a race along the beach at Bate bay.
Ride the Manly Ferry on a wild day with the big'uns rollin' in through North and South head.
Eat at The Boatshed.
Eat at Doyle's in Warsons Bay.
Pray and meditate in the Naval Chapel on south Head.
Spend a night in Kirribilli House and Admiralty House.
Eat at a Neil Perry place.
Listen to the New World symphony by Dvorak in the Opera House played by the Sydney Symph
Walk on the glass floor high above sydney at Sydney Tower.

and zack, always one to pull out something spectacular
1. i want to have sex in a public place in sydney.
2. i want to take naked pictures of myself in public places. see kylies falling down knickers. throw rocks at surfers shark fin soup see the goldies i met in indo throw poop at monkeys learn more about the rugby player group sex scandle prank call kylies work ten times a day make fun of fat american tourists...
we dont have monkeys here but you can throw poop at something else, if you like throwing poop

so folks, here is your last chance to enter and your first chance to vote, help me narrow the field and i'll put up one of those little voting thingies in a coupla days


  1. Of course I know The Thorn Birds. That's where my hatred of "Meggie" comes from!


  2. I LOVE MEGGIE. Get out of my fucking way. I win just cuz I know that damn book from beginning to end. I'm also so beyond Australian. Please. Hey, I'm in love with a man from New Zealand who's married to Meggie. Yes, I'm a woman who knows Australia and knows the Thorn Birds. No one can beat me on the Thorn Birds. NO ONE.

  3. Hey baby, my spelling sucked? You know how hard I try.

  4. I know the Thorn Birds too. Please, I lived, breathed, for Ralph de Bricassart. But more than that, I lived breathed Luke O'Neill. I didn't care that he was a latent homosexual, he was HAWT. Remember when he romanced Meggie in the car, and pulled that stupendous second base move?

    No, I say, no one can beat me on the Thorn Birds.

    But I digress.

    These entries are so good.

  5. And Suzy?

    thank you so much for reminding me of The Thorn Birds.

    Gotta go pull it off the shelf and reread it...not that I need to...I know every word by heart...muuhuuhaahaa!!

  6. Yes I was serious... give it to Suzy.

  7. I'm protesting and pulling Sho-Gun from the shelf right now. Oh yes I am!!!

  8. Can't compete- great answers! I think I know who I am going to vote for....

  9. Okay, I don't screw around with The Thorn Birds. I'm going to go pull it from my shelf too. Yes. I have the original from something like 1976!!! It's my sister's copy and such a gem. I was supposed to send it back to her after college, but didn't. I'm a horrible sister, but an amazing book lover!!!

    Leah, Luke was a minor character. Okay, so Meggie and Luke ended up marrying one another in real life. *Suze rolls eyes in head.* Something I couldn't wrap my brain around because I knew Meggie in real life could have converted FDB with a wee bit of effort and femine charm. You don't have to be gay forever, right?

    Shut up. That's how much I love that book. He isn't gay. Right? He can't be because I love him too much. He still wants to marry me. Right?

    No one beats me on this book. No one. Trust me. Not even Leah. Trust me. I know this book.

  10. Suze lays on Australian beach waiting for RdB.

    Hey dude, I'm naked and Meggie's married.

  11. What the hell'd I spell wrong? I went back to check it out. Am I such a bad speller I can't even figure it out? Give me one word. Okay, maybe two.

  12. *lights a smoke, leans up against wall, hooks a foot over the other and stares up at kylie*

  13. Oh Christ. That simple? Okay for all the perfectionist out there...Sydney.

    And what's he doing here? Smoking and polluting the universe. He's never even read The Thorn Birds. If he wins for those 18 words, I swear to God I'm driving to Big Sur. Honey, what's the award look like so I don't have to knock him up side the head then rummage through the whole house?

    Thanks in advance.


  14. Hey, I don't know anything about The Thorn Birds, and who the hell is Meggie? But I think I should win because Brian cheated me out of the lobster socks. I was the only one that actually followed the directions therefore, everyone else should have been disqualified. And besides, Dear Kylie, you admitted to voting for Brian. He has now become my dreaded Arch Nemesis! MWAHHHH

  15. Wow, she didn't even read The Thorn Birds and she expects to win this damn thing? Well...I'm going to give it to her for the last contest. She's right. She deserved the lobster sock cuz she played by the rules. She's the only one. Amen.

  16. suzy,
    i'm not choosing the winner but if i was ..........
    well, flattery is a good thing :)

  17. Hi Kylie,
    I've been lurking around but not feeling like commenting.

  18. Okay, some observations.

    1. Jo. You just commented. You could a done better with a bit of effort!!! Or a few more words!

    2. I voted for myself. What? Know one know Australia better because of The Thorn Birds. Trust me, I beat out every single soul. Looks around for Sidney. Oh, right, Sydney.

    3. Kylie, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your hair is perfection. Red shoes. God, red shoes are beautiful. What are you wearing today. Oh, stunning.

    Have I won yet? Can I vote more than once?


  19. Baby, you know I deserve this. God, I know the outback. I know the city. I know everything about Australia because of that damn book. No, I can't spell for the life of me, but I know Australia. I especially know how Catholic preist screw up with petty ladies named Meggie. My new name is Meggie and I'm waiting for my FdB. *Suze goes out to back yard and lays on lounger. Waiting. Hoping.*

  20. Too funny. I spelled priest wrong. Leave me alone.

  21. Leah's going to hold a "The Thorn Birds Smackdown."

    Let the games begin. No. No one will beat me. Ever.

  22. hi jo
    i often dont have much to say in comments so i get it. comment when and if you want.
    i have been wondering how you and mark are going.

    have a great week

  23. Okay, so I'll sling Jo some slack.

    You killed me over on Bob's blog. Knock it off.

  24. I think maybe Suzy would win the Thorn Birds smackdown...hmmm....not sure...

    Hi Kylie!

  25. I'm back! God forbid. And guess what? I've changed my mind. I watched President Obama speak at Nortre Dame earlier and he reminded us all to "give back." So, I've decided to change my vote AND if I'm fortunate enough to win I would like the grand prize to go to the the runner up. Here's why. I've already won. I have all of you and that's the best prize of all. I know I always BEG to win stuff, but I'm going to change my evil ways!!!!

    Okay, I have to go change my vote, but before I do I want to remind Leah the "Smackdown's" still on. God I love The Thorn Birds!!! Oh, and Leah, just so know, I'm going to play dirty!!! No really, I won't shower for a week.

    "There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life..."

    Love you two!

  26. Who just voted for me? Stop this instant. This instant I tell you. Kylie's Dad's a good man. A humble man. An honest man and he's forgiven me for SO MUCH CRAP!!! (So has Kylie, but that's another story.) Take that vote and give it to KD. NO, I'M NOT KIDDING. "Kylie, does anyone listen to a damn thing I say?" NO, they don't. *Rolls eyes in head.*

  27. ...step away from the pipe....

  28. Has he voted yet? Tries to swoosh wacky smoke away.

  29. Kylie, just read your comment over on IV's. Thanks. I'm turning the page.

  30. I just checked. I'm winning. This is the first one I've begged not to win. Kylie, there is a God, right? Dad's an underdog. And if I pull my vote he doesn't stand a chance. At this point he doesn't stant a chance even with my vote. Hummmmmmmmmmm. Oh, right, he does, because by my new rules he beats out IV who has just one. Okay, Dad wins. If one more friend votes for "Dad," it's over. Dad wins. I'm expecting someone to step up to the plate and make this dream reality.


    P.S. And yes, I did read that Kylie. It broke my heart. I cried. But life goes on. Blogging has taught me to be tougher. You know me by now, I'm such a sissy and stuff like that kills me. But I learned a valuable lesson today. Sometimes honesty is the best teacher. Thanks. Bye-bye.

  31. suzy i dont have the foggiest idea what broke your heart.
    and the poll means its nothing to do with me

    chill babe

    dad wont care if he wins, he can buy his own book for $6
    what can i say?
    i'm cheap



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