Monday, 29 June 2009


yes, the guy was a nut and i'm as fascinated as anybody about his life and death but really, do we need to be told that he was bald?
do we need to be told about a body full of needle marks?
do we need to know about the nanny who pumped his stomach?

he deserves a little dignity, the dignity we would all hope for



  1. Michael Jackson is one more human tragedy and has been for years,almost from birth like so many others who have been nurtured to be a "success." This occurs so that a parent can live out their own unachieved fantasy via their offspring.

    Are tennis Williams sisters another? What about the crazy shouting parents at weekend sport for their children.

    I was over Michael Jackson 20 years ago regardless of his art form. The world destroyed him.

  2. I agree. I don't watch the news, don't wish to see anything about him. It's sick, how people greedily feed off this sort of thing.

    Just let the poor mutant be... Let him rest in peace! So gross, the media...

  3. No, I didn't kneed to know those things.


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