Thursday, 2 July 2009


Na is a smart alec. She knows I have no clue about the football. She knows I wouldn't have the foggiest who might win the season. She probably knows I still call the Dragon's home ground Jubilee Oval in preference to the far poncier OKI Jubilee Stadium (for heaven's sake)

HA NA!! ( silly rhyme intended)


They are top of the table. They might be able to win :)
Now, for an unexpected, in-depth discussion of their form:
(Na, you choking yet? dropping a poor innocent cute little twinnie?)

obviously Natasha is in great form

nobody told me Wendell was playing for them

i forget his name but he is too pretty for football

great blue eyes, wonder if he can string two words together?

footballers nose sux

this one reminds me of my youth. well, a youth from my youth
messy blonde hair did it for me
messy hair still does it for me

I hope he wears his mouthguard!

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  1. Well, old girl, you got me! I came back to see if you had any silly comments with regards to my comment and I got a whole post! I nearly killed myself laughing. I never thought I'd see the day when you would post about sport - let alone the dragons. Good one you crazy woman! hehehehehe


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