Saturday, 12 September 2009

death warmed up

i know i'm complaining a lot lately but somebody decided to find out just how much i could put up with. i have a streaming, exhausting head cold and i can neither sit nor lie down without paying dearly.
let me tell you that again: i am exhausted but i can't rest. i am still twisted like the hunchback of notre dame.......
i can't really read standing up, i can't watch tv, i can't make myself useful. it's an exercise in frustration

drop by, say hello, tell me your woes if it will make me feel like the lucky one. i'm counting on you guys


  1. Sorry can't think of anything to moan about at the moment. So your own your own there. Although my arm is still sore and stiff. Stretching it is painful. Your picture is cute especially the fluffy slippers. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

  2. G'day,

    I am so sorry to learn that you are having a such rough time. Have you given any thought to having some chiro and/or physio for your ailment? What's giving you more angst - the back or the head cold?
    Anyhow back to me. I have been suffering with a very painful right knee for the last six weeks. It all started when I lifted some heavy outdoor furniture - at my church!,grrr! so that I could mow the damn lawn behind the church.
    I have discovered that I have a tight right ITB. Look it up. Oh yeah as soon as I mentioned to Jo that I was going to tell you about my ITB she walked off on me!
    Oh well,I feel better :)
    Hope you're back to normal soon.

    Mark. xoxo.

  3. mark,
    before i go lookupitb and reply properly let me guess ilio tibial something

  4. i'm baaack!
    iliotibial band
    i'm just awesome!

    right now it's probably the back thats worse. my nose seems to have temporarily stopped (touchwood)

    i have been to the chiro and she has been helpful but this is a pretty severe injury that could benefit from daily visits. and that is expensive

    sorry about your knee, mark. that will teach you to mow the lawn :)

    i'm sorry about jo's elbow, too

    it seems that all of this came about by all of us working. no wonder work is a four letter word :)

    thanks for dropping by
    i'm smiling already

  5. jo,
    i hope you dont hurt that elbow any more when you get back to work (or did you work yesterday?)

    thannks for your warm wishes and take care

  6. Good guess! Go to the Top of the Class!

  7. Ach! Minus the cold( and at least my back has mended ), but the bloody rain causes my knees no end of pain! And with no health coverage to warrant a dcotor visit, I'm put out. And where'd you get that snap of me? 'Bout how I look ere my cuppa, it is!

  8. A comment from Jo,

    "Yes I did go back to work yesterday (Friday). The arm is still sore."

  9. Oh Kyles, sorry to hear of your woes. I have none really (except the smelly socks that are left around the house and a few new wrinkles)- so I am counting my blessings today.

    Hi Kooks!
    Hi Jo!
    Hi Subby!

  10. I'm still wearing the same size clothing but I feel like things are "hanging over". I hate that. Must do something about it...back fat just won't do.

    Have you tried taking a nap outside? Have you tried chicken noodle soup with pickle juice and sliced garlic?

  11. So sorry to hear about the way you've been feeling lately my friend...

    Be kind to you...

    You matter,

    Much love, M

  12. Apart from the odd twinge in my knees and back, I'm just fine (at the ripe old age of 62!). But I do sympathise, feeling ill or in pain is always rotten. Hope you find some miracle cures soon. I find (gentle) exercises are usually good for getting rid of pains, sprained muscles etc.

  13. Kia ora Kylie,
    Sorry you are having a bit of a rough trot with the back and now the cold. When it rains it pours I guess, but I am sending you a warm smile and thoughts. Kia kaha.

  14. Well, I'm not in any physical pain and Liam's headache that he's had for three days miraculously disappeared tonight, thank goodness.

    But I am going to have to go in to my boss on Monday and ask for an advance on my pay. So that I can buy the gas to actually get there on Tuesday...

  15. oh, megan,
    what a way to live. i'm sorry you dont have a bit more ready cash because it doesnt make us happy but it sure makes life easier

  16. Sweetie,
    I try not to regret anything.. it is hard but am trying..
    there is a lot to moan about but i think better spend that energy on something positive.
    hope you are being kind to yourself..not like someone we know ..
    simple yoga will help sometime..
    love you dear
    sending you prayers and big ((hugs))

  17. I'm just dark blue today.

    But I hope you're feeling better!!

  18. leah,
    dark blue, huh?
    at least it's kind of mysterious and some other word i cant think of (exotic?)

    hope you move to a colour you like better soon :)

    what would it be?


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