Wednesday, 16 September 2009

yesterday somebody mentioned they were a little blue and i wondered what colour they might rather be. this post was going to be a discussion of the colours i might like to be but it turned into a collection of pictures representing various colours. look at the shapes, the colours and the textures.......


  1. Hey Kylie! This is beautiful. I especially love the lemons and the lady draped in blue.


  2. Kylie, the brightness of those lemons, the moody purple flower and interesting texture of those vases...nice. A superb collection :)

  3. Love the colour of the dog if it's a true colour and not a distortion in the reflected spectrum.

    A picture of a waratah woiuld be nice or something in the ochre of central Australia.

    Isn't the colour of the lemons mouthwatering?

    Show that image to certain brass instrumentalists before a performance and you'd render them useless for a time!

  4. hi leah
    it was the lady in blue who changed the focus of the post. i was looking for a midnight blue velvet and clearly hers is not but it was such a beautiful image

    i had to have it

    hope youre in the pink!

  5. subby,
    i have a special weakness for beautiful glassware :)

  6. dad,
    the dog is just wonderful, isnt he?

  7. I love those old pictures of demure, ruminative looking women, who in reality were probably far from demure and ruminative. More likely they were worrying about all sorts of domestic problems.

  8. hey nick,
    domestic problems are always with us so i bet they were!

  9. Interesting choices, Kylie, I like how you picked all different kinds of things.


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