Sunday, 4 October 2009

it had to happen......

......eventually everyone does a facebook post

about 18 months ago, inspired by a workmate who was delightedly contacting dozens of old friends via facebook, i decided to sign up, only the people i looked for weren't on there. or there were 100 folks of the same name and with no photo. blow that for a joke, my facebooking was promptly sidelined and stayed that way for some time.
about six months on from that one or two of the young, hip crowd at church were stunned to find out that i had an account. that weekend i must have accepted 12 friend requests, mostly from people i see around but who i'm not actually friends with. they didn't leave messages for me and i wasn't exactly interested in their updates.
facebook lay mostly fallow again until just bob invited me to be a facebook buddy of his and i was soon inundated by friend requests from bloggers.
bloggers are better facebookers! their updates are more creative and they are more interactive....or maybe it's just that they were better friends to begin with?

just this week i have developed a love of the chat feature and it has been an absolute blast to chat with bloggers in real time. i hope to continue with that but i can't see myself developing any great addiction to crackbook in general.

blogging lets me talk at length about whatever it is that has got me going on the day and the people who read my blog think for a moment before commenting. i like that.

so, thats the story of kylie & facebook and no old friends ever did get in touch with me. i suppose they are just like me, life separates me from people and unless they are extra special i move on without really looking back.


  1. facebook connected me with my first ever boyfriend. it was fascinating to exchange long messages over several weeks, sharing how we remembered those times, reminiscing about the fun we had and looking at the persons we had become. We have dropped back into our own worlds again i don't look at his page, but it somehow gave validiity to my adolescence!

    weird place, facebook!

    and i found out how to 'chat' thanks to you!

  2. Hi kylie, just starting out on fb myself. More to find old high-school and military chums. I do like the blogging better, if only 'cause most of my stuff is linked to it. Not into chatting as yet, either( tho' I did do IM with yahoo a while back ).

  3. in the sunset of my facebook years i think...i like blogging better as well. FB has revolutionized how people connect though. i know what more of my high school friends are doing than i ever thought i would.

  4. Jenny's on Facebook and she keeps trying to get me on to it (look at all the friends I've got etc), but I'm not yet convinced. Maybe one day I'll have the urge.

  5. Oh no... I've created another Facebook fanatic!!!!

    Welcome Kyles!!!

  6. It's even worse now that I can post to facebook from my phone. I'm constantly on there.

    I agree that bloggers are better facebookers! But then, I probably know more about you and your family than I do about most of the gals from my high school class that I'm "friends" with...

  7. Yup, bloggers are better facebookers.

    I LOVED chatting with you the other morning/evening! What a thrill.

    I am in touch with all my old high school and college friends this way. It has been wonderful.

  8. But yes, I prefer blogging.

  9. Dear Kyles,
    Hope you having a good day..

    Facebook vs blogger.... am not getting enough time... work, babies and a simple life :)
    but blogger give me so many friends and open up a new world...
    Shara and her family is my extended family now.
    love you dear

    am still waiting for that timtam's :)

  10. Yes, everyone :-) eventually does a facebook page.

    Best wishes,


  11. I'm sure this has been said somewhere before, but I think of Facebook as the phone call, and Blogger is the letter.

    Right now I'm more Facebook-centric, as I have a lot on my mind and when that happens I don't feel as if I'm giving other bloggers the attention their posts deserve...

  12. Chat in real time with your fellow bloggers and bloggettes? But how do you edit? I would make people crazy, because I would say something, and then I would say the same thing ten more times because I wouldn't like the wording until number eleven. That wouldn't make me any too popular, maybe.

  13. cinnamon,
    was it a sweet "reunion" ?
    it must have been fascinating

  14. subby,
    i had hoped to find high school friends but they aren't there and i am truly not interested in those who are
    i hope your fb goes better than mine!

  15. brian,
    facebook has sunset years?
    and can i accelerate my kids to sunset?

  16. nick,
    facebook friends are worth diddly squat if they are not real friends.
    facebook has it's advantages but overall you arent missing much

  17. megs,
    if i had an internet connected phone i would be forever doing some silly online thing!

  18. bindi,
    you made me laugh about the tim tams! i bought them for you and a couple of others and i kept forgetting to send them so i ate them!
    maybe i can get myself organised next week :)

  19. skeeter!
    you seem to be having fun at the moment

    God Bless

  20. hey megs!
    well you commented here twice, thats impressive
    of course, you were probably wondering if i was still here.

    i hope those things on your mind are soon off it

  21. snow! welcome
    well, chatting is really like talking. you get one chance at the wording and if you dont like it , back pedal furiously!
    my blog buddies know me and they know i stick feet in mouth at times. they seem to be ok about it!

  22. and snow?
    how many of my old posts did you read?

  23. kylie, about half my class is on fb but from what I see, the useage isn't heavy( most of us are just starting out on it ). Besides, I email more anyway. Mayhaps it will increase with time?

  24. hahahaha....
    Kylie, facebook...or crackbook, as you so delicately put it, is my weakness....
    Fancy having to resort back to blogging as a replacement to THEEE worst new years resolution i've ever made!!!
    As for my status updates and comments.....admit it, you are missing them!!!
    Your next blog should be about your children's use of facebook - they are just running rampant with it hahaha....
    Well so anyway, guess i'll facebook ya in 2011!!!


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