Sunday, 17 January 2010


AAP photo


  1. Good to have hope, but it'll take a lot more than that to rebuild a shattered country already renowned for its poverty, corruption and shoddy, easy-shattered buildings. They need a political leader with integrity and social conscience.

    The pictures of hundreds of corpses just lying there rotting and unidentified are awful.

  2. yes, nick, i agree.
    hope alone is useless.
    i wanted to post something about haiti and there are no words, really.
    i saw the photo and i thought that the survival of a newborn, as this one looks to be, is something special.

  3. From the maw of destruction a new sense of place may yet emerge in Haiti.

  4. I salute the emergency workers who have taken leave from their jobs to volunteer with rescue teams.

    the quake showed no mercy- even to political leaders- did you see the palace?

  5. I found it especially stirring that while all the political buildings were destroyed, there was an orphanage that was completely untouched.

    Makes you go, "Hmmm..."


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