Monday, 11 January 2010

yeah. so. like. um. anyways.

i'm back from holidays and i have a few piccies to post sometime when i have time......

been cruising blogland and reading everyones stuff but i feel so removed i cant comment quite yet.

and i meant this post to be a brief chatty catch up but it's not happening. my writing brain is off. or maybe it's the chatty part that's off. or the brief part?

or maybe mosquito bites are impinging on my ability to concentrate

or maybe i'm just being generally unfocussed

maybe there is too much blood in my caffeine stream

i dont suppose you want to know that i have an undiagnosed hurting foot that might be tinea? does tinea hurt?

i'll be back soon, hopefully making some sense

meantime, tell me, what is your dream holiday?


  1. I know what you mean ... I always find it difficult to both post and comment after I have been away from blogland for a time. As for my dream holiday - I set off on it next week (Pacific, Panama Canal and Caribbean)

  2. Ha, too much blood in your caffeine stream, I know the feeling. I'm sure we can all wait patiently while the scattered and dysfunctional parts of your brain start to reassemble themselves....

    Tinea? Athlete's foot you mean? That doesn't hurt so it must be something else.

    I've already had my dream holiday. I've been to Australia twice and it was totally amazing.

  3. I have a different dream holiday every day of the week.

  4. It's hard to get back into the swing of things after an extended holiday. If you are in pain, it's even worse! Give yourself a break. We're still here and commenting.

    Hang in there!

  5. Hey you! I always love your posts no matter what's in them; they always manage to be interesting.

    My dream holiday?

    To live in Jerusalem again for two months...I miss it.

  6. No dream holidays but welcome home

  7. Welcome back!! And that scattered stream of (un) consciousness is just perfect for the return of a blissful holiday.

    Tinea is athletes foot... Hmmm, I've never had pain with it unless the skin split and bled. Which only happened once. In high school. Ouch. Mostly it itches.

    Hope it gets better soon!

  8. Yes, your posts are great! Keep 'em coming. My dream holiday is one I'm saving my money to be able to afford - I was to visit France and the north of Italy.

    Best wishes,


  9. nick,
    favourite aussie place/experience/restaurant ??

  10. random,
    bloggers are amazing, arent they?
    i can post drivel and some body always makes an effort to comment :)

  11. leah,
    jerusalem would be really something

  12. walking man,
    thank you
    see you soon at yours

  13. karen,
    i'm pretty good today :)


  14. skeeter,
    i hope you get enough pennies saved soon, that would be a good trip

  15. Hmmm, favourite place has to be Sydney, especially the bridge and opera house (corny, I know). Favourite experience probably looking down on Hobart from Mount Wellington. Favourite restaurant a Thai place at Milsons Point, can't remember the name.

    I always rise to the drivel challenge....


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