Friday, 26 February 2010

the diary 2

we visit a cave temple where the masses parade their finery and make offerings to buddha.
off to lunch and vegetarianism is forgotten in the face of delicious delicate wonton soup. H presents me with a pink rose for valentines day, which is a sweet gesture.

on the way home we stop at a roadside stall for durian, iced coffee and juice. as usual, i am amazed at the quality of food served at these makeshift kitchens


  1. What does the fruit taste like?

  2. Wiki says like custard and almonds. Is that about right? I see it has a very strong odour (even when the husk is intact) which a lot of people find so repulsive it's banned in some hotels and public transport. I've never come across it myself.

  3. but...did you find the prized drinks in a bag?

  4. walking man!
    i was trying to figure out how to work that into my commentary :)
    you will have to wait....

  5. jo!
    custard and almonds, nick says....

    it is a custard texture and it does have a bitterness that could be almondish, it's sweet

    it's an acquired taste but i like it now

  6. nick,
    it IS vey strong smelling and i remember walking past it and wondering what was rotting. whats funny about it is that once you like the taste the smell is good too. it is banned in hotels nearly everywhere in asia

  7. So, I am a little slow. What exactly is the spikey ballsack thing?

  8. What is that thing? Looks like something in a Sigorney Weaver movie.


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