Wednesday, 3 March 2010

the diary 7

tonight, a week into the new year, there is a party centred around an abundant offering table. there are two suckling pigs, duck, chicken, buns, pomelo, nectarines, bananas, grapes, sticky rice, jelly, sugar cane and cognac. there are three candles that stand a metre tall and there are incense sticks and pretend money to be burnt.

my husband seems unable to explain the exact meaning of this event except to say it is part of the new year celebrations and that festivities will end on a muted note in another weeks time. compared to our one day holiday for new year a week of public holidays plus another week of celebration seems a lot and i muse that sometime, somewhere somebody was mighty glad to see the back of the old year.


  1. I think a two week New Years celebration would be about right. Couch every holiday in two week frames and we would work less and relax more.

  2. OK. Who else is hungry? So it is alright to still say Happy New Year?

  3. mr shife,
    you can still say happy new year

    "kung hei fatt choy"

  4. walking man,
    if every holiday lasted two weeks we'd hardly work!


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