Sunday, 27 June 2010

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without.

this week i stumbled into watching "i married a stranger". it's a reality show where a young woman who wants to marry allows her mother, best friend and sister to choose a possible husband for her from five contenders.
realistically it can only be taken as seriously as any other reality tv but i was shouting at the telly in outrage as they asked the men questions like:
"have you been in a threesome?"
"how many sexual partners have you had?"
"take off your shirt"

i suppose those questions could have some relevance but i would have liked to see questions that aimed to find out how he treats people, whether he is happy, maybe something relating to political and religious views. it would be good to see similar spending/saving habits in the possible couple.....

"how do you get along with your mum?" might be a start
"what is good about your life?"
"what is bad?"

what would you be asking if you were choosing a spouse for somebody you care about?


  1. I wouldn't choose a spouse for anyone, but I agree some more pertinent questions are needed than how many sexual partners they've had. Above all, I would ask questions that reveal how sensitive and intelligent and emotionally literate the person is. That would eliminate the selfish dimwits for a start.

  2. Toilet paper... over or under?

  3. I watch a lot of reality TV, but I can't stomach those 'pick a partner' shows. I'd have been shouting at them, too!

  4. If I was choosing a wife for The Lad I suppose the question would have to be about the poor girl's sense of humour. She would certainly need one.

  5. "REAlITY" shows are anything but reality. In Euclidean terms the whole truth has been laterally inverted, or could one say 180 degrees out of step.

    I agree with the previous blog comments here.

    Where do these shows find their genesis?

  6. Well, I kinda' like the threesome question, but would prefer something more of the form:

    "Would you be willing to participate in a threesome, and do you know any bisexual women you could bring along?"

    I think this gets to the heart of any meaningful relationship.

  7. i yell, i suggest no one marry a yeller, i am working on it but i am so old and it is probably toooo late for me>>>>no one ikes a person who has temper control prblems, especcially someone who thinks his life is a failure and yells to tell his family, hey i am still here kickin and when yu make a decision consult me

  8. You are rocking the post titles, lady!

    It is bizarre how this type of show is so appealing to the masses. It shows a weird lack of soul; it's really sort of worrying in a way.

    Yes, I too would've been shouting.

  9. nick,
    the big question then, is what would you ask in order to establish intelligence and emotional literacy??

    that is a biggie!

    it's truly sickening but it's compelling, too

    yeah, a sense of humour would be mandatory with my lads. the first, liam, would die without somebody to laugh with and the second, keaghan, well, it's laugh or cry with him

    how did you manage to sneak euclid in there??

    you are asking the contestant on the show, right?

    not yelling is hard but yelling can terrify folks....
    in this case stop thinkin life is a failure. you can do it :)

    i'm picking quotes for my titles and i should acknowledge them but it kinda interrupts the flow.
    and i'm sure the quoted people would buy that as an excuse ;)
    as i said to megs, the show was sick but compelling. it has to be if it gets a body shouting at amn inanimate object, right?

  10. I guess one way to test someone's emotional literacy would be to tell them about a distressing personal experience, like your sister dying of some horrible disease, and then see how they react. Intelligence can be judged pretty easily from how original and perceptive the person's responses are.

  11. I'll go back after this, but didn't read any comment to cloud my view. I think the questions are so simple: 1) Do you really love me? 2) Show me. 3) What's the last book you read? 4) How fast do you drive? 5) What are we eating for dinner tonight? 6) What are we doing today? 7) What's the nicest thing that happened to you today? 8) Do you love to hear my voice when I call?

    Yes, I have about a hundred more, but I'm about to make love, so gotta go!!!

    Great post as usual baby! LOVE YOU! XO

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