Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pitt Town

the first little stop on our trip was a hamlet called pitt town. it is an historical village and significant to my family's earliest days in australia. significant to the early days of the colony, in fact.
my main point in this post though, is to say that i was delighted to see the kids excited by things like the architectural details on these churches

and the hand made old style pews in this one
(i'm sure there were old style pews in both but we didnt go past the gate of the second)

i think brain fog has stopped me from picking out the best pictures here, but that gives me an excuse to post again, right?

thanks to liam for his photography


  1. so this is poast 501, is life as you know it terminated??????????????????????????

  2. Good job, Liam! I like these.

  3. It's always worth having a quick peek in a church, they have all sorts of intriguing architectural bits and pieces. Some of them are so extraordinary it's a wonder anyone can concentrate on praying with so many wonderful distractions.

  4. megs,
    he's good!

    when i'm in an architecturally bland place, then whats my excuse for distraction??

  5. Well, I thought they were pretty good photos. I especially enjoyed the one of the curve sign. WOW, curves in Australia. I mean, we have them here, but I sorta thought your roads were arranged so that they were all in a straight line, or something like that.

    The church is pretty too. Funny that an atheist would be such an admirer of churches, but some of them really get to me, especially if they're way old.

  6. You must have literally driven past my place! Pittown's about 20 minutes from me! Should have dropped by for a cuppa . . or a Chardy!

  7. hi baino,
    i did wonder if you were round there somewhere

  8. snow,
    in world terms there are no way old churches here but i like your sentiment....
    and there are some great curves here ;)

  9. so kylie, do you have some of those great curves that austrialia is famous for/???????????

  10. "snow, in world terms there are no way old churches here"

    I knew that. It's the same here in the Northwestern U.S. 100 years here is an impressive amount of time for buildings, although some 9,000 year old sandals and some even older human excrement have been found.

  11. P.S. What the hell are you doing? You've passed the 500 mark, and you know that Putz said 500 was enough.

  12. putzy,
    thats what i want you to think :)

    i wasnt aware i had to listen to him

  13. "snow,
    i wasnt aware i had to listen to him"

    Putz is God as we say here in the U.S.

  14. If Baino and Kylie come together, I don't know what I will do. Run in circles, I guess! Scream and shout that I'm not there! :)


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