Sunday, 1 August 2010

if you really knew me....

dana over at "life is good" has written a post about what we might know if we really knew her and since i have not much else to say i thought i'd give it a go (imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery)
  • if you really knew me you would know that talking about food makes my eyes light up
  • if you really knew me you would know that i am a bit of a language nerd
  • if you really knew me you would know that i like to drive fast
  • and that i cant because one more slip could see the loss of licence
  • if you really knew me you would know that i start reading the paper with the arts section
  • if you really knew me you would know that i lick my lips when i'm thinking

if you think you know me you could try adding to the list


  1. If I really knew you I'd observe that you twist your hair on the side part of your head. That's what caused it to curl.

    Since you confess to being a language nerd ... keep driving fast because the anti-nerds say one loses demerit points for speeding.

    In a previous blog response Nick asked what the other people thought
    about transportation of convicts to Oz. Since my forbears arrived in the 1st fleet there was no attitude because then there were only aborigines and kangaroos etc here.

  2. ha! any fool can see that i twist my hair :)

    can you lose points for reversing backwards?

  3. Well I'm only a n00b to the blog but I know you have a great sense of humour and are a little left of centre, but in a good way.

  4. add to the list>>> know you and dance the poka at midnight>>>>know you and swim in the buff>>>>know you and you go to bars without drinking hard liquour>>>know you and a great mother , but worrying too much>remember i love you

  5. putzy!
    you hit on one of my main characteristics long ago....

  6. baino,
    it never ceases to amaze me how bloggers all know i'm "left of centre" when i'm trying so hard to be normal!

  7. I was gonna say the hair twisting one.

    I know you - you get very LOUD when you're excited.

    You can lose demerit points when you drive over medium strips too :)

  8. na!
    i do

    about to have turkey, cranberry cheese and rocket on a toastie. my new fave

  9. That's a really good meme, might try that myself. If I really knew you, I'd say you often explore little back streets and try new things and talk to strange people on impulse.

  10. If I really knew you, I'd say you secretly love me.....for calling you 'Spesh'


  11. Well we all know you a bit better now. Must be a bit scary having people guessing the real you. What if someone came up with an authoratitive list even though you had never met them. Now there's the start for an interesting short story!

  12. i have never met her and yet i am absoluetly right about her bing a good mother>>>aren't i kilie??????????????

  13. hey nick,
    i am a little bit of an explorer but probably not as much as you would think.
    and i dont talk to a whole lot of strangers, i'm a bit shy for that, although i have been known to strike up the odd conversation.....

    it's really no secret at all that i love you for calling me spesh!

    that sounds stalkerish! and it would be an excellent start for a short fiction, if only i could write fiction :)

    i hope i am a good mother

  14. I'd say you know yourself well if you know you lick your lips while you're thinking. I don't know who it is chewing the inside of my cheek into raw hamburger, but I never seem to notice myself doing it!


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