Sunday, 8 August 2010

my boy is an everyday hero

several months back the boy, liam, declared that he would run the city 2 surf this year. he is determined to make and take all the opportunities he can in life and this was one he was eager to grab hold of.
"mum, should i run for a charity?" he said
"well, why not?" is my answer on that one, he's running anyway, he might as well try to drum up a little support for something.
he thought he would like to do something to help the bears in asia, the ones caged up so their bile can be milked. and so he signed up both for the race and to support the charity WSPA

he trained until he hurt his arm. then he rested.
he trained until he hurt his hip. and rested.
he trained until he re-injured the arm......

and so it went. his preparation has been doomed but he has maintained his focus and he will run anyway. he wont run to his potential but he will have a good time and what an experience, to run with 80 000 others!

today he was up at five, he showered and dressed as i made him porridge and a cup of tea. we enjoyed a few quiet moments together in a sleeping, pre-dawn house. he was cutting it fine so i drove him to the station. he missed the train but the next wasn't too far away.

so now i wait to hear tales of his big day. i wait and watch the lightening sky. it reminds me of the day he was born when i laboured long through the night. the rising sun gave me new strength for the birth. i reflect as i wait to see him home again, it seems the morning has always been his special time.

indulge a ridiculously proud mum and throw a dollar or two the way of the bears?


  1. What a good boy. I was going to head into town today but forgot about the 80,000 runners. . think I'll pass and spend a day in the garden.

  2. should be a good day for gardening!

  3. Congratulations to him. I am sure it will be a great experience - and for a good cause as well.

  4. I wish him the best of luck. I admire his persistence in the face of all those injuries. And I hope the bears get some help. I didn't know anything about them, thanks to you and Liam I've just looked up the details. The whole business of caging bears to extract their bile, when there are plenty of equally effective medical substitutes, is horrible.

  5. Wonderfully inspiring, such a poignant post, Kylie.

  6. p.s. it's a really, really good cause, and one I've long supported. Cheers to him!

  7. Kia ora Kylie,
    Been away for a bit so catching up. Really enjoyed the words about your father, and I hope the day was a fantastic one for your son. I love the way you have tied your bond with him into his day and his unfolding. Your writing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Rave on!

  8. alan,
    it was good enough that he vows to do it again!

    so glad you looked it up!
    why we think ity's ok to do these things is beyond me

    thank you!
    i was beginning to think it was too kylie-centric for anybody to be interested

    i bet you had a good time :)
    thanks for the very encouraging comments. maybe i managed to convey something decent after all

  9. i have three good boys, so i can relate>>>of all the things i have learned about you in your blogs is that YOU ARE A GOOD MOTHER and want to be known for that most of all

  10. putzy,
    yeah, that would be the highest compliment for me, i think.
    i hope i dont prod people into saying that, though!
    what happened to your spelling?
    what happened to your spelling? i can read you without thinking ;)

  11. Are you deleting posts like Blottie now?


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