Thursday, 17 February 2011

i have a couple of days off and needing a new pair of shoes i set off to the shops. well, shoe buying can get a bit complicated and i didnt see any obvious choices so i abandoned the mission in favour of a bit of a window shopping wander and quickly discovered that my current jacket fetish is becoming out of hand. (long term readers would remember my white dress fetish, i may have mentioned others, they are new each season) the trench style looks nice but would i like a classicly styled trench or a military one, what's the best length to get? and why are they all in such practical colours? i didnt see anything i would consider actually wearing for under $80 and my faves were all over the $100 mark......i did as i always do in such circumstances, decide i've managed this long, i can manage a bit longer without it. wouldnt want to get something i'm ambivalent about! i stopped in the fabric store and looked at pattern books in case inspiration struck there and it was nice to sit and leaf through the latest offerings from vogue, simplicity and my old fave, burda. all shopped out i made my way to the cafe i regard as my home at the shops. i was a little disappointed that i couldn't have a booth. the booths are much too big for just one person at lunchtime so i understand but i do love them, they are like a little rampart from stress! a coffee and coconut bread went down very nicely and i was intrigued to watch the woman next to me. her banana bread was not accompanied by butter as would be usual and the next moment i looked around she had jam all over it and was slipping a jam jar into her handbag. what preparation for a simple cup of tea, how habitual must be her life! she also used a fork to dip the bread into her cup of tea. there are no such ceremonies with me, i just gobble the whole lot up, licking butter from my fingers and cappuccino foam from my lips! last stop was the greengrocer where i actually managed to find some fleeting enthusiasm for cooking as i bought gnocci and the makings of a vegetarian sauce. after all the pleasures of the trip, what with fashion and fabrics and food i couldnt resist a couple of figs. i look forward to those. what are you looking forward to?


  1. Selling more books which I write at coffee shops in between playing on line games with a 6 year old. I have more clothes than I need and i don't sew so I just do what I know best...act juvenile.

  2. walking man,
    yo uhave a hard time getting me to believe you act juvenile!

    and i wish you well in your aim to sell more books

  3. The mind fairly swims with delight while anticipating possibilities for your future clothing fetishes.

  4. Right now I'm gazing out upon fresh-falling snow, anticipating (with delight) the foot the weatherman has forecast. Yippee! I love a fresh snow day -- I've got the books piled high, the cocoa makings at the ready, and the sweet serene knowledge that I don't have a thing on the "To Do" list, save for PLAY IN SNOW/WATCH SNOW/ENJOY SNOW.

    It's a good day here in the Sierras of California. ; )

  5. snow,
    i darent ask what kind of fetish you imagine will be next!

    how you have nothing on the to do list, i'll never know but enjoy it!
    have you ever put a hint of chilli in your cocoa? i love it

  6. I've had some weird things in my shoulder bag but a jamjar isn't one of them. Or a jar of pickles for that matter. What's the weirdest thing you have in YOUR bag?

  7. Ha Tropfest. I hate shopping although last year I did buy a red trenchcoat, short length but it was ridiculously expensive so I hope they stay in fashion for a while. I did knock off early this week and managed a wedding outfit for next month, half price . . w00t

  8. Chicken suits with lots and lots of white feathers. They make men crazy, you know. None of us can even be held liable for our actions around a woman in a chicken suit. It is for this reason that Arabs make their women wear those black beekeeper suit thingies.

  9. nick,
    the weirdest thing in my bag?
    well, there is a craft knife and a coffee sachet, is a toothbrush weird?

    truth is, trenches look odd on me so i prolly have to keep looking!
    which wedding is the new outfit for?

    i thought you were vegetarian? in which case chicken suits would be less than appealing?

  10. I'm not looking too far forward at the moment. More in a listening and watching mode.

    I did make a very satisfactory and beautiful and expensive and totally unnecessary purchase this week - a pleated shade for the lamp that I use in my bedroom. The old shade was broken many moves ago and I just never got around to getting a new one.

    I'm pretending that the lamp is happier now that it's complete. :)

  11. megs,
    i'm pretty sure the lamp is happier!

  12. You know the Walking Man? Who knew. You attract my high school friends and Blogging friends. Wow! I just stopped by for some banana bread, tea and a prayer. Really for just a prayer. It's gone. I needed it. That also means my kitty is gone. I wanted to just sit here and read my comments to her. Yes Kyles, it mattered. Thanks for giving me the space to think, alone.

  13. Oh my God, Debbie too? That makes me happy.

  14. all the best people are here, suzy!
    quality people blog!


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