Saturday, 26 February 2011

writing for profit

did you think i was gonna tell you how to write? for actual money? HA! today i went to a course called writing for profit, i could describe the day and i probably will but right now i thought i would share one of the prompts we were given.... the person i hate most in the world is coming for dinner, she doesnt know how i feel, what will i cook? and my response: she is coming for dinner and i cant strangle her , close up, snarling, watching fear in her eyes as i press down on her neck. that kind of behaviour would land me in gaol and she's not worth that. instead i will torture her with the spicy sausage she cant bear to smell, some cabbage and beans will give her the wind she cant admit to getting. classy people like her dont have garlic breath, dont fart, dont burp and dont refuse what is offered


  1. So by implication other than the being classy part for myself, your saying my wife doesn't like me?

  2. How about slipping plenty of laxative into her portion? But just make sure it doesn't get into your portion as well....

  3. i dunno mark, you pinch her butt for valentines day, thats pretty irresistible!

    nick, explosive diarrhoea would be pretty humiliating!

  4. Well if you're not going to give us tips, at least tell us where the course is!

  5. baino, i was gonna write you!
    the course is at st george sutherland community college. the second day is next week


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