Wednesday, 27 April 2011

the day i quit facebook

last weekend i had the afternoon home with the girls and at the end of it i realised that instead of doing something fun (or at least useful) with them, i had given them half my attention while i cruised facebook mindlessly.
it was a little disappointing to realise that i had done that so i set to suspending my fb account. the messages saying i would be missed were nice, the music clips even better ....
anyhow, i suspended it quite happily but knowing that my resolve was weak and wondering what would happen next.
when i managed to get $27 worth of fantastic duble brie for $6 i was disappointed i couldnt post it but i stuck with the program for a little longer.
the next day i logged in briefly and suspended again. at least that way i would think twice before spending too much time there and so it went for another day or so.
then it was the long weekend. i had all the time in the world, time that would, for once, coincide with the times my friends were using it and, well, the rest of my resolve flew out the window.

i'll try again soon.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha If you can't stop after 15 minutes then it's time to stop for more than a day.

  2. mark
    thats a statement of the bleeding obvious :)

  3. facecrap is so so lame< but maybe bloogggging also><<><>so WHAT DO I KNOW////??????also if you want to meet duke, i have many pictures of him bac back in the past of barlow past><><<>also if you wanted to understand what i say, you missed the college class<><><>"when your alien speaks" 2 credit hours

  4. Ah .. it's alright as long as you don't start playing scrabble. I just check it in the mornings. Nice to see what peeps are up to.

  5. $27 worth of double brie for $6? How about that?

    Facebook is just a lot of bus-stop conversations hurled into cyberspace. And without the fascinating facial expressions. I prefer the bus stop.

  6. putz,
    i had a look for duke and he is pretty cute, looks like a pale version of my taff.
    fb is lame but you know, maybe i'm lame too :)

    i had actually wondered if i should take up scrabble, at least it would be a bit more challenging than what i do now

    you're right but i dont go to bus stops :)
    i have loads of facial expressions, everyone knows exactly what i think by my face

  7. and the brie was super bloody fantastic

  8. I see many people ignoring their kids in favor of electronic devices. I guess they figure that as long as they're physically present, that's all the kids need. Here's to you, Kylie, for quitting Facebook.

  9. I enjoy facebook. It's fun. And at least I get to have my bus-stop conversations with people I like and who share my interests instead of total strangers with weird smells and even weirder political opinions.

    Plus, Bon Scott in braids!!

    But, Kylie, I do totally see your point. There are a lot of things I could be doing of an evening instead of checking for red flags.

    I guess you just have to find a good balance.

  10. But that's what I like about bus-stop conversations, they're so unpredictable. One day it might be a crusty old bigot, but the next day it might be a sparky intellectual with unusual views on the Tolpuddle martyrs.

  11. There were no Tolpuddle martyrs. It's an urban legend. (snicker, snicker)

  12. Happy Birthday, Kylie, you little rascal.

  13. thank you nick, you great big brat!

  14. I'm always amazed at the number of people at work (of any age) that the moment they get up for a break or lunch, they wander the halls like zombies, staring at their cell phones tapping madly as if life has passed them by.

    As you know I'm also on FB but only go there rarely and really only to see what family and friends have posted. Except for a precious few - nothing is expressed in more than four words and that usually accompanied by a picture of a pizza they just ate. I don't call that social interaction.

    As Megan wrote, it's all about balance. We need time to disconnect from our wireless signals and actually go outside. Go sit at a park and watch kids play or just sit in the shade of a tree and read a good book.

    The internet has made the world no larger than one's own neighborhood and in that, can provide an amazing window through which to learn and travel to our heart's content.

    On the other hand (of course)it has created in many cases a giant marquee where people can shout in a virtual world, "Hey, Look at Me!"

    When I leave this world I hope to God my last thoughts aren't of anything to do with the internet or by then, Version 47 of a SmartPhone.

    Enjoy both my friend. Balance. A little here, a little there but you are too good to have it dominate your life.

  15. snow,
    i'm only working on it, congrats arent in order yet!

    you get it! i cant really add to that

    you just like to be the most eccentric person at the bus stop :)

  16. Kylie, my daushter I-L is so addicted to FB that she had a special cushion made so she could breast feed and have both hands free for FB.
    It was months before the cause of reflux the poor mite suffered was put down to his posture during feeding.
    Confession: I spend about three hours a day on my blog! But I do stop to suckle.

  17. hi stafford!
    thats a bit over the top, why would you stop to suckle?


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