Thursday, 21 April 2011

Liam's school band was playing yesterday at the Royal Easter Show and a pressing social engagement earlier meant that he wasn't keen to carry his cornet all day (heaven forbid that he play a tuba) so between his transport issue and the girls wanting to soak in the atmosphere buy showbags, I got roped in to making the trip.

The start was bittersweet. Our bus driver was incredibly cool, telling the kids they should have helped Mum out by telling her the tickets are 20% less if you buy them on the net (you see the bittersweet, there, right?) and as Keaghan tried to shove half a salad roll in h is mouth before getting on the bus Mr Cool told him he could get on the bus with food because people would do it all day anyway.

It's not often he will allow a photo, maybe I should get the bus driver to hang out with us more often?

Mr chick-magnet-party-boy had me on tenterhooks thinking he wasn't going to make it in time. I was biting my nails and fussing because we had spent $100 on tickets just to stand around waiting to give him his "horn" while he socialised on the other side of the city and missed his train. Miss Caitlin found it all much less dramatic!

Yes, he finally came sprinting up the boulevarde with time to spare, the band sounded great and for once in my life I managed to get a reasonable photo.

Official duties finally out of the way we went to see some furries and I wondered what is the collective noun for a bunch of alpacas?

We spent a long long time in the arts & crafts pavilion, looking at some great photography, gasping at the cakes, wondering at the woodwork.....

one particular piece was quite sexy looking and I said so to be told "Mum, that's just wrong!"

I should have said sensual.

The kids went to buy showbags (thats where you think it a privilege to buy more lollies than one person should reasonably eat and buy it at a massive discount of oh, maybe 5%) and I wandered the food dome salivating over all kinds of gourmet goodies.

By the time I came out it was dark and the show had become the province of the young, there to buy silly hats, ride wheels and flirt under the coloured flashing lights.


  1. Looks like Liam's school band is what used to be called a 'stage band' meaning they play jazz!
    How good is that!
    As an old maths and music teacher, let me pass on a secret. Studying music changes the non-mathematical brain into a mathematical one!
    Thanks also for the snaps of the Show. Haven't been for years, not since the kids left home.

  2. welcome stafford!
    it is a stage band! and they do play jazz and i knew music was helpful with maths but i just realised his music may be why he is doing extension maths while i struggled with 2 unit (i'm not a muso)
    hope to see you back :)

  3. Great pictures Kylie. That harp is amazing looking.

    I wish my Liam had been able to keep up with music but at least he got two good years and the basic knowledge in case he ever wants to go back to it.

    Do people actually eat those cakes?

  4. hey megan,
    my dad taught liam so it's easier when it's free (less motivation in a way though)
    two years is a pretty good start.

    i dont know if the cakes get eaten but i would guess they do

  5. That's the biggest lump of candy floss I've ever seen. It looks like a wee cloud that's dropped onto her finger.

  6. it's on a stick, nick

    i was trying to think of a way to make that not rhyme but what the heck, eh?

  7. If music is helpful with math why did both my guitarist and my drummer sons fail calculus 3 twice?

    Hey Kylie did you have a good time? That's what makes kids worth the effort you put into them eh?

  8. hey mark,
    i have no idea why your sons failed calculus but i could take a guess that it's the same reason i failed stuff: distraction :)

    yes, i had a great time, i was tired and now i'm sore but it was fun and they are appreciative.

  9. I believe the collective noun for Alpacas is either a 'flock' or a 'herd' although I did read one suggestion that it should be changed to a 'spittoon' which I think sounds far more appropriate ;)

  10. donna,
    hello and welcome!
    of course it's a herd, somewhere deep in my brain i knew that!
    spuittoon would be the word i wanted as i watched them though :)
    thanks. come back soon!

  11. Music never helped my maths :(

  12. imagine how your maths might have been without music????


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