Monday, 30 May 2011


it's sunday morning, sunny with a crisp breeze and i arrived in the grand ol' USA about a day ago. i arrived at the airport to find that my phone which was supposed to be on roaming wasnt at all and if there was a problem finding megan i wasnt sure what i would do but next thing a woman went dashing past and i caught just enough of a glimpse to think her face might match up with the photos i knew so i put on my loud kylie voice "MEGAN??"
yep, it was her!
we went and got me a laptop and had dinner at the pub across the road. i had a hot dog the likes of which i've never had in my life and hung out watching "too big to fail" i was pretty sleepy by then and didnt register much but it worked out great cos i got a full 8hours sleep and jet lag just doesnt seem to exist for me (touch wood)
today we're off to laguna beach .....
back later :)


  1. Hi Kylie (and Megan!). I don't get jet lag either, even from Belfast to Hobart. Glad you managed to meet up okay. Laguna Beach looks amazing - enjoy!

  2. I had the same problem with my phone in France and had to buy a French SIM. Glad you connected anyway have fun and give Meg a hug for me. Nah wouldn't get jet lag after 14 hours, 28 now that's a little different

  3. Shopping and hot dogs... a very American way to spend a day!

  4. Sounds wonderful. I can't wait to meet you guys.

  5. If you doze off during a movie in America, the theatre has to give you your money back.

    Yeah, right.


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