Sunday, 15 May 2011

what riles kylie

after my recent comments about america my friend snow suggested that i should post more about the stuff that riles me. i hesitate to take him up because i dont really like to show anger online but for the sake of the exercise
  • i get majorly peeved at people who think it's ok to block the handrail on stairs. leaning on the rail is uncool. sitting on steps under the rail is uncool. putting potplants or other things that block access to the railing is also uncool. oh, and the one that threw me completely was when i was walking up steps, on the left, using the rail for balance and some arrogant twit came down right where i was. i stepped aside at the very last moment but the effort totally threw me. sometimes i have the right momentum and have to keep going and that guy just put a spanner in the works. i get that he didnt understand all that about me but i was on the left. i was reluctant to give up my place. if i want to be difficult about it i was the woman who he could have been chivalrous towards. was it really so difficult to see that i wasnt really keen to move over?
  • i really hesitate to criticise the church, they get enough of that but i got cranky with them this morning. (actually it's an ongoing annoyance) the sermon was about using your gifts, about the value in each gift that every person has, even if it seems insignificant. we are told to use our gifts but theres barely an individual in my church who cares how much i love to write and those who do are mostly of my own blood. even when i offered a poem (ok, my only poem) for use it was ignored. i like public speaking too but i dont get to do that either. luckily i'm blessed with enough cash and little enough interest in material goods to be able to give a dollar here and there. there's a gift thats always in demand.
  • i get riled with people who are superior, or rude or self centred.....
  • fear & greed tv
i suspect snow wanted to hear my opinions on bigger issues but i'll have to think about that


  1. Have a good whinge kylie. I have people ask how helen is and say much the same as before. They say Still not much better? I grit my teeth and say it is a long illness.

  2. Give us this day our daily whinge. Works for me.

  3. At least you use the stairs. It always amazes me when I visit office blocks how many people use the lift, even to travel a single floor.

    What riles me is graffiti. It turns attractive buildings into ugly ones at a stroke, defaced by a load of meaningless scrawl. Occasionally graffiti is witty or beautiful, but most of it is neither.

  4. I'm with you on the stair thing, they should be used like driving. Oh and people who block escalators. If you're there for the ride, stick to the side. I'll stay out of the "Church" thing. Totally in agreeance with rudeness. There's just no need. Oh and I hate the people who make gladwrap and foil boxes. They never open properly.

  5. I am to clumsy for stairs and my views on all religions are mirrored in my views on all politicians.

  6. hey jo,
    from what you tell me helen has no real desire to be well so i dont think things will change anytime soon

    i doubt a daily whinge would go down too well here but if it works for youi could do it more often :)

    i didnt use the stairs again in that building!
    grafitti is a good one

    glad wrap and foil! yes, how did i not think of that? and overpackaging

    i'm too clumsy for stairs, thats why i notice people who stuff around with the rail!

  7. Liam and I were just talking about the stair thing a few days ago! We are with you!

  8. most of us peoploeplees do not know what a spanner is

  9. "i'm blessed with enough cash and little enough interest in material goods to be able to give a dollar here and there."

    My ears just perkethed up even highereth thaneth they were alreadyeth perketh upeth by your interestingeth accounteth. Didst thou knoweth that I runeth a privateth charityeth, and didst thou knoweth that my charityeth is evereth in needth of fundetheses? (I'm talking this way in case your church uses the KJ Bible). Anywayeth, I loveth youeth, and I thinketh that thou art the most beauteouseth, charmingeth, and intelligenteth womaneth I've ever knowneth. Oy, dideth I faileth to mentioneth generouseth?

  10. putz,
    i know what a spanner is, i can even use a ratchet spanner!

    we actually use the message which would say something more like "you are hot, you are generous and smart and i love you"

    funny how you suddenly love me, i'm sure it has nothing to do with a dollar or two :)

  11. The so called message scripture used at Kylie's church has only just recently been pushed by our "preacher". In the previous 54 years that I've attended Kylie's church they have used translations in real English ie King Jim, RSV, Good News etc. For real distortion in translation of this 'Message" version read thir take on the Beatitudes. The Message is hardly even a paraphrase!

  12. Oh, Kylie, you wound me deeply!

  13. americans do not use spanners<><><>,.they call it a wrench

  14. Putz, in case you happen to read this we do use wrenches in Australia too.
    Spanners and wrenches are different forms of similar tools but designed and used for the specific jobs one must do . Wrenches are used a lot in plumbing.

  15. Snowbrush, loved your Tyndale/Shakespearean English! The real stuff of English is hard to beat.

  16. John, whether it's for plumbing, automotive, or anything else, Americans call them all wrenches, that is except for Americans like Bugs Bunny who can't pronounce the letter R, in which case the word is wenches.

    Kylie, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my KJ b.s. I had meant to be funny and had no intention of showing disrespect.

  17. snow, come on now babe, it was good!

  18. Anytime it's good for you, it's good for me, Kylie. That's what happens when a man lives to please his blog buddy.

  19. so are you coming or wot? zack!

  20. Agreed! People that are rude, self-centered and arrogant really bother me too. Agressive panhandlers and bums begging for money within sight of a liquor store are awful too.


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