Friday, 22 July 2011

just when you think it cant get worse, it probably will

family and facebookers already know that my dog taff is desperately unwell. he wasnt going so well on wednesday so i took him to the vets. i was almost going to post about it then. for a moment there it seemed that the old taffster had fooled me again and that he was no where near as sick as i feared. i wanted to write something humorous about that but a moment of caution or a stroke of premonition stopped me (or a lack of jokes?)
anyhow, he has got steadily worse and today i made another appointment. we tried to lead him to the car but he couldnt do it and had to be carried. when we got in the car it didnt want to go and i soon discovered a flatter than flat tyre. a quick call to the vets to cancel the appointment, liam changed the wheel in the dark and the rain and we set off again.
it is heartbreaking to carry an animal who even a week ago would have dragged us in there and then to be told he has had the worst kind of stroke was no fun.
when we tried to get him to stand he fell and hit his head and that was the final straw for me and my young men.
we brought him home on medication to reduce brain swelling and we will see what kind of shape he is in when that takes effect.
after all that drama i took the kids out and an accident on the freeway made a 15 minute trip twice as long and we sat still in traffic while the petrol warning light came on.
i finally got home thinking it couldnt be any worse and then i remembered....
in the next few days i will most likely need to make a hard decision on the life of my faithful companion. that will be worse.


  1. Dear Sweet Friend,

    You are in my prayers.


  2. Aaaargh. Awful. Sending positive wishes your way.

  3. Remember the old adage:

    Life only deals out to you what you can handle..

    Take heart in knowing you have strength.


  4. I'm sorry to hear that. What a heart-wrenching situation.

  5. So sorry Kylie. It's such a hard call to make. I'd be devastated if it was Lily, she's the light of my life.

  6. i want to thank everyone for your prayers, support and good wishes.
    this weekend has been a rollercoaster so rather than update every 5 seconds i have resisted replying until after we saw the vet today.

    taffy's condition might deteriorate when he stops taking medication and if so we will deal with that then. for the moment the dog with nine lives has dodged a bullet!! i intend make his last days, however many there are, as comfortable and happy as i can.

    thanks again, your support means much!

  7. i am so sorry, my duke's sister collapsed that way just before our decision to{yes } put her away<><>and it hurts so much

  8. I will never, EVER get over the day we put our 17 year old Bichon "to sleep". What a ridiculous euphemism for what we really did. The act itself broke my heart forever and I've never gotten over having his life in my hands and the choice on my shoulders. I guess it's the feeling that I betrayed his trust more than anything.

    I'm here from Snow's blog.

  9. putzy,
    it's so awful to watch, isnt it? but most of us go thru something like it and go back for more :)

    beau's mom,
    you were also known as dana, right? i know ya
    you are so right, had taffy stayed as sick as he was i would have found euthanasia to be the only choice but as he started to improve i was afraid i would need to make a decision on a life that was neither totally awful nor terribly pleasant. the thought of making the wrong choice in the face of ambiguity is terrifying.
    as it turns out the awful day is delayed.

    if your bichon had a really compromised life you didnt betray him, you gave him a gift

    bless ya both


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