Sunday, 10 July 2011

you asked for it....the sex post

He is handsome and healthy,
the most outstanding among ten thousand.
His head is purest gold,
His hair is wavy,
black as a raven.
His eyes are a pair of doves,
bathing in a stream
flowing with milk.
His face is a garden of sweet smelling spices;
His lips are lilies dripping with perfume.
His arms are branches of gold covered with jewels,
His body is ivory decorated with sapphires;
His legs are columns of marble
on feet of gold.
He stands there majestic,
like Mount Lebanon
and its choice cedar trees.
His kisses are sweet,
I desire him so much,
young women of Jerusalem
He is my lover and my friend.

Song of Songs 5:10-16


  1. A wonderful adaptation of the original. I like "His face is a garden of sweet smelling spices." And who does this refer to, I wonder?

  2. well, you old metrosexual, that would be you with the spice smelling face, the eyes would belong to snow and the statuesque legs would have to be putzy's

    i picked that version for the final line "lover AND friend"

  3. How did you know I always smell so exquisitely fragrant? Well, except after a garlic-laden evening meal, that is. Or after some especially sweaty lawn-mowing.

  4. i know everything about you

  5. well i guess i really have to comment<><><><>but i am really speach leesss<>><<>i will get you on antoher post some way, some day, when you are finnallly 24


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