Monday, 29 August 2011

the way to go

as so often happens around here we kind of got into a ridiculous convo. this one was about my potential funeral at some time in the very far distant future and eco coffins and personalised coffin decor.
yeah so anyhow i have issued some instructions, mainly that i do not wish to have a custom coffin that looks like a screen saver. no sunsets, no rainforests, no dolphins, definitely no dolphins. no sky, no oceans, no soaring eagles.
neither do i want my coffin to proclaim my love for country or sporting team or any other group.
and definitely no cardboard coffin made to look like timber. why have an ecologically sound coffin and pretend it's wood? all that does is reinforce the idea that tearing down forests is the way to go.
i'm thinking maybe a warhol style collection of photos of me. or a car bed.
an all over floral design would have been nice but i want the enormous floral arrangement on top of the coffin to be well appreciated so a floral decorated coffin might clash.....

yeah so anyways, what would you recommend for my personalised mortal remains capsule? or what do you want on yours?


  1. I say whatever it is you won't care when it comes time to use it and as for me I already am a card (really) carrying member of take the 250 pounds of meat to the nearest medical school so some future doctor will be able to know what they hell they are looking at. I figure it keeps some students out of jail for grave robbing.

  2. I understand that in some places they make coffins out of things like almond shells. I'll have one of them. And I want a tree as my headstone. Still deciding what type.

  3. Ha you're a scream. I've planned mine already and a cardboard box is fine. Although just do what I did to mhy old horse after he died, get a bulldozer and stick me in the back paddock six feet under. Sadly I don't think even medicine will want me by the time I've finished abusing the temple of my soul.

  4. I will be thrown off either North or South Head entrance to Sydney (Aust) Harbour. The much malugned sharks mught get a free feed.

  5. malugned is really maligned

    One day I will produce a non typo comment

  6. Google "The Dying Stockman" by A.B. Paterson.

    Wrap me up with my stock whip and blanket
    And bury me deep down below
    Where the crows and dingoes can't molest me
    In the shade where the coolibahs grow

  7. I want the simplest, cheapest means of disposal. A cardboard coffin and cremation will do fine. Why spend a fortune on a fancy coffin that's just going to go up in smoke? Mind you, the latest and greenest thing is liquifying the body and flushing it down the drain:

  8. How about a hand written cardboard sign for a gravestone with the follwing options:


    "do not disturb"


  9. I have instructed my kids to burn me and spread my ashes in one of my favorite places. However, the closer I get to that day the less I care about it. Funerals are for the living so let them do what they will.

  10. i wrote my obit and published it on my blog about 3 years ago<>><<>it was very satisfying even though i have yet to walk to the sea for salt<><>and no , no person will look me over after i die< and i agree with you entirely on coffins<>><you must be reading my mind

  11. Yeh, like Mark said, donating everything. Hopefully they'll be able to excavate past the liver damage. It's bound to be extensive.

  12. my mom once spent a ridiculous amount of money on a "chinese box" as she calls it at a high school charity auction. we all decided then and there she'd be folded up and buried in that thing.

  13. Hi Kylie!

    What a question!- how about a chocolate one?

    I am back online- changed my fb also, so if you will, please emailx

    J x

  14. No box of any sort for me. Since I enjoy the outdoors so much I just want my ashes left in various places. Cheaper and easier on everyone and I certainly won't care.


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