Thursday, 16 February 2012

what i dont know

dana is over there at the blog of random chickness talking about the stuff she doesnt know, asking what her readers dont know. she wanted answers in her comment box but (and read this with an inflated voice and fingers pointing to puffed out chest)
I, that is I, dont know soooo much that i am writing a post about it.

1. i dont know why we have a house full of fleas or how long everyone can stay sane with them. i suspect it has something to do with the weather and our resident flea catcher went to doggie heaven last week so he isnt catching any. i do know that flea bitten ankles reduce the need for novelty socks.

2. i dont know how long it's going to take me to find a job and i dont know what i will do in said job. i do know i wouldnt make a good model for novelty socks. my fascinating ankles would detract from the product

3. i dont know why the socks dont come out of the wash in pairs. i do know i can find the pairs if i tear out some of my hair.

4. i dont know what we are eating for dinner tonight but i do know i always manage to pull something out of a hat (or some dark nether world)

5. i dont know why the yummy stuff is bad for us. it is though. why cant chocolate, coffee and ice cream be vitamin packed and anti-oxidant rich? why are hot chips the food of satan and why is butter so artery clogging?

6. i dont know how long it is since the washing machine stopped, it could have been yesterday. i have housework induced amnesia or every day is the same same same same same same....or maybe thats the same as housework amnesia

7. i dont know why my funniest lines and best jokes disappear the minute i start trying to write

8. i dont know much at all, i think but i keep muddling along and somehow i think i manage to fool some of the people when it counts


  1. You're going to have to bug bomb the house. One in each room. Clear out for a few hours. Of course, then you would lose your novelty ankles.

  2. What's so bad about hot chips ? Same goes for pizza, pasta, bread, hot potatoes with lashings of sour cream and butter, rice, curries of any kind : thai,indian, mmmmmn, here I go again...

    As for your last point , don't we all ! ha-ha
    Love the Evil Carb Queen !!

  3. I don't know why blogger has introduced the dreaded two word verification process.
    I don't know what is for my dinner. I don't know what is for my smaller portion's dinner.
    I have had a glass of red wine and I DONT CARE.

  4. I can heartily identify with number 8. I think most of us are doing that most of the time. Like the proverbial duck that looks serene enough on the surface but she's paddling frantically under the water.

    The more I find out, the more there is left to find out, and the more I forget. It's a losing battle.

    Yes, why do we need TWO word checks? Isn't one enough?

  5. mr charleston,
    i'm trying a layer of salt on the carpet first, then it will be eucalyptus oil and THEN we'll go for the big guns :)

    hi bobster!

    i wanna know who took all the tomato sauce?

    was the red nice? and i hate the two word verification, too. maybe i'll remove it

    one thing you obviously dont know is how to be a good atheist :)

  6. The red wine was very nice. I did stop at one, but would have liked several more.

  7. Doesn't everyone who cooks meals at homes pull them together from the nether regions? Your list of what you don't know is for sure miles shorter than my own. For example two days ago at this time I was on a gurney in the OR and they were putting the sleep sleepy mask on me...I hurt like hell right now and I don't know why I am even on the PC.

  8. The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. Albert Einstein

  9. haha, i also don't know when i will find regular work, or if i will. and my funnier lines also disappear when i'm ready to type them:) so true!

  10. 5, 7 and 8 have no answers to them. I am convinced of this. Although, I Do believe that there is an invisible humor-sucking beast who wanders, stealing punch lines. No. I am sure of this.

    Thank you for the tip about the socks, though. I will try that this afternoon...

    (New here and have enjoyed reading some older posts as well.)

  11. I identify with all of these but the fleas. Substitute lice for fleas and you have it.

    This is a great post! I want to steal the idea...

  12. To our esteemed USA readers. In Australia this week we remember the bombing of Darwin , Northern Territory Australia.

    Does anybody realise there were more bombs dropped on Darwin than Pearl Harbour? We are grateful to our USA friends in helping us to save Australia from an aggressive Japan.
    Ditto the Battle of the Coral Sea.
    This is nothing to do with Kylie's post. Am just trying to spread unknown history even to Australians, Thanks to Kylie.

  13. well you usually fool me< i have always pictured you as clever beautiful witty great writer gorgeus gams intelligent{writing about ankles and knat bites} missed you and yes it is my fault<><>

  14. Spesh,
    I don't know why you're so spesh, doll-face...

  15. walking man,
    i have no idea if you ever read replies but if you do, i hope you are feeling better!

    welcome here! sorry i've taken a while....if you come here when i'm not on a roll you might wait almost forever!

    see my comments to ed :)
    welcome here, despite appearances i love new readers and random visitors

    please, steal away :)

    never your fault, my dear, i can forgive anything for a compliment :)

    you big flirt!! youre shameless and i love it :)


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