Thursday, 29 March 2012

still immersed

yep! i'm still up to my ears in doula stuff. i have read and talked so much about childbirth that i am overloaded and everyone around me is too but i dont think i will be letting up any time soon (sorry) i am almost finished the first part of my course which means i soon have to cough up some dollars for the second part.
it's enormously exciting and terrifying in a good way and i fear i will become more and more ostracised by my hippy mentality which was always there but is encouraged every day by my increasing awareness of just how amazingly perfect nature's design is (and i know nature makes mistakes and i am not advocating irresponsibilty, just a greater faith in the scheme of things)

the whole doula thing sits nicely with my unashamed and total romanticism as well as with my no beating round the bush-ness. talking of beating round the bush....surely that could be twisted into some kind of birth related witticism?

if you would prefer not to talk to me about doula-ing, childbirth or other weird hippy stuff i'll be pleased to join you in some other conversation. just dont imagine i can initiate it!


  1. Weird hippy stuff. If it's hippy stuff it is weird ..... by definition!

    All the best with your 2nd string of "assignments".

    Since the course is conducted on line you could become a digital doula!

  2. hey dad, great alliteration! supporting birthing mothers via facebook sounds just my style!

  3. Yep that is the picture of a newborn, which will turn to a baby, which will turn into a toddler which will then become a grandparents best revenge on their children for all the crap we endured as they were growing up. Doula on!

  4. I'm just glad you're enjoying it. To be able to work/contribute to a job or vocation you love is a rare thing. Enjoy every minute of it!

  5. haha mark! love it!!

    yep! ears,doulas dont have to get up to the elbows :)

    so far its all theory but liking the theory is a good sign, right?

  6. Glad the training is still going well. That baby looks astonishingly wise, as if she already knows all the crazy things that humans are up to.

  7. newborns always look that way, nick :)

  8. Love the hippy stuff, bring it on I say ! It's great you are passionate about it, lucky you !
    Fee xo

  9. I have a dear friend who is an old hippie earth mother and the area's most sought after midwife. She has safely delivered hundreds of babies over the years including breached deliveries. The natural way is the best way and I'm comfortable saying that even as a man for I was present during one of her births and the vibes cannot be duplicated in any institutional environment. You go Kylie, all the way to midwifery.

  10. Doesn't look like much of a water lover, does he (or she)?

  11. Baby stuff is all around my family at the moment. My cousin gave birth to her first child about 2 and a half weeks ago.

    Babies, babies everywhere...


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