Saturday, 14 April 2012

burns, boats and babies

this past week was unexpectedly and unwantedly interesting when the other half was extensively burned in a work accident. i spent a few hours in sydney's specialist burns hospital, a few hours driving back and forth to said hospital and am now doing a crash course on burn care. as burns go it was not so bad, partial thickness is what they call it and he didnt need hospitalisation but he has lost most of the skin off one side of his back/shoulder and there are all the practical and emotional challenges that always go with injury: how to be a good patient or a sensitive nurse, how to shower around it, how to dress the wound and how to dress the patient and how to sleep.........

in other news, we went for a lunch cruise on the harbour today, in honour of the mother-in-law visiting and while the lunch was pretty average, sydney never fails to captivate me.

i came home to an email from my doula teacher offering a possible opportunity to attend a birth, as required by the course. i compete for that opportunity with a couple of others and i dont know how it will be decided but i'm sure the right opportunity will come at the right time and it's good to feel that i'm a teeny bit closer to doula-dom. in a coincidental twist the hospital where the baby will be born is the one hubby was treated at before his referral to the burns specialist, i haven't been there in twenty years and now it pops up twice in a week.

so many things in life seem to be circular, dont they?


  1. Wow. That was quite a week. The sort of week that you don't want recycled.
    I hope that your other half convalesces much, much better than my smaller portion and that he does so quickly.
    I also have my fingers crossed for you crossing the next hurdle on the way to doula dom (which is a wonderful phrase, thank you.).

  2. hi there EC!
    the other half is really a very good patient with an incredible mind over matter approach. i cant let you think he is perfect though, he gets a little snappy :)

    it seems to be healing quite nicely and he will see the doc again on wed.

  3. Exciting good and exciting bad... all in one week. I hope everything is exciting good for you next week.

  4. thank you , bob!!! and right back to you ♥

  5. Sorry to hear about the burns, what a shocking thing to happen. But good news about attending the birth. Quite a week indeed.

  6. hi nick!
    i havent attended the birth yet, met the parents so they could decide if they want me seemed to be a yes :)

    and just the opportunity to meet them and watch an experienced doula in action makes it feel like i'm really doing something

  7. Things seem to be getting a little more accelerated.

    I just hope and pray it is a runaway train of good things. Sorry about the "imagery" it's the best I can do.

  8. Holy crap, Kyles. Hope the healing is going well.

    Excuse me while I stop whining about anything!

    Can't wait until you are a fully-fledged doula. I would totally pick you to be there if I could, like, go back in time and stuff.

  9. megan, you wouldnt believe how quickly and how well it has healed! theres just a few patches of raw-ish skin left.
    and thanks! i hope there are a few people who pick me!


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