Friday, 15 June 2012

What do doulas talk about?

This week i joined a doula network on facebook. its a weird world and i thought i would share some of the subjects under discussion, just for light entertainment

  • does anybody use the word "yoni" instead of vagina?
  • does anybody want to buy birthing pools discounted due to flood damaged boxes?
  • can anybody make suggestions as to how to help a mum with anal fissures?
  • what books do you recommend to clients?
  • what should i charge?
  • how can i help a mum with extensive vaginal bruising? and one of the answers: if she saved the placenta, she should eat it
every profession has its own culture but i think that in this one it will be a very long time before i have "seen it all"


  1. help a mum with anal fissures, sheeesh i should know something about that shouldn't i???????

  2. *shudder*
    ...anal fissures...

  3. Struth, all human life is there, as they say.

  4. I am assuming anal fissures are the tearing between the vagina and the rectum that happens in natural birth in some cases or is an {?}epiesiotomy (where they cut it with a scalpal)if a doctor is present?

    Try auto mechanics...every question starts with "Does anybody know how to do..."

  5. 1. I call them Hoo-has
    2. Yes
    3. Spackle
    4. Harry Potter
    5. $69.69 + tax
    6. Tell her to stop getting punched

  6. I'm a sucker for sales, so I'll take twelve of those birthing pools in the flood-damaged boxes.

  7. Oh niece in law is now 22 weeks pregnant and I have to bite my tongue when I hear all of this female goddess shit. Women have been having sprogs since well...since there were women. Just push I say, strap it on and get back in the bloody kitchen where you belong. More seriously, vitamin e cream with a lanolin base is very good for massaging the Hoo-ha or Yoni to prevent the likelihood of episiotomy and I imagine would be very soothing for anal fishes, I mean fissures.

  8. "I have to bite my tongue when I hear all of this female goddess shit."

    If you're a male and you said that, then my hat's off to you for your courage.

  9. hahaha baino is a woman , snow! but its still hats off :)

  10. putz! long time no see!
    should you know about that? in my opinion the less a person knows about anothers anal fissures, the better :)

    wince inducing, huh?

    i like "hoo-has"
    oops, no, that came out wrong i think! and $69.95 is wayyyy not enough

    nothing is a bargain if ya dont need it!!!! sheesh, how come i gotta teach you that???

    i gotta say the goddess part comes more from the doing than from the talking!!!
    i wonder if anal fishes are any better than anal fissures?

    thanks all for getting involved in this one, thats why i love to blog!

  11. "hahaha baino is a woman"

    All the better to hear such things from a woman.


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