Thursday, 16 August 2012

four days of kindness

 ok, well it's actually three days because i wasnt intentionally kind today and now, at 5pm and with no intention to go anywhere i probably wont be (except to my family, who get the benefit of my kindness everyday)
yesterday i babysat my nieces (i do most wednesdays) and i made a point of having marshmallows to put in their bedtime milk.
instead of sending them to bed with their milk in a plastic sippy cup i put it in pretty coloured cups with matching saucers, three soft and fluffy marshmallows on the side to be dipped, dunked, spooned out and plopped back in. i sat with them and tried to chat. more to the point i tried not to get exasperated when they slurped up the marshmallows and didnt want the milk.

it wasnt a big kindness, just a small value add. on the kindness website i ticked the box:
 "Go the extra mile with someone - add sprinkles to a child's dessert, shout your close friend a coffee or a drink. An unexpected gesture is always welcomed."

in other news, i am quite pleased to have had a blog post published by "Nurture" magazine, it wasnt paid, they didnt even tell me they were going to publish but its out there and thats gotta be a good thing.


  1. Congratulations on both your kindnesses and your guest post.

  2. You do know that being kind to yourself also counts, right? Why get exasperated at wee ones? They will never know so accept and guide as they grow. which by the by is a kindness towards them.

  3. EC,
    thank you!

    walking man,
    i'm glad you noticed! i did indeed want to be accepting :)

  4. Going the extra mile with something/someone is very satisfying when you actually do it. A concept which often pops up as part of customer service training but is equally applicable to life as a whole. I don't do it enough either, it's all too easy to do the minimum and think "that'll do".

    At least your nieces appreciated the three soft and fluffy marshmallows....

  5. I LOVE this kindness!

  6. What a cutey. I envy you that you have children in your life. I do have a pregnant friend, so maybe I will soon also.

  7. you will! and you will be a WONDERFUL adoptive grandpa? uncle?

    i love to think of you with a little one, the way you talk of your dog and brewsky prove you will be great


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