Saturday, 5 January 2013

not all that resolved at new year

a year of mostly being at home has been really bad for my weight. the kilos were creeping on before but this past year, with my habit of eating too many bikkies, daughters who love to bake  and having lost the enforced physical activity that went along with work, i have packed on quite a bit which distresses me a little bit. my clothes dont fit anymore and my body is all lumpy and probably the most important thing, i know i am not honoring my health and my time here on the planet.
so i have made a non-resolution to try to lose 10kg this year. i'm not sure how easy or hard that will be but 10kg in a year is not really aiming for a quick loss. i struggle with exercise so my initial non-plan isnt going to include real exercise and incremental changes are more achievable than dramatic ones so i thought i would start with some basic ideas, see if it helps and then step up the program.

  • first step will be to find out my actual weight, that means get some scales.
  • no more soft drinks or fruit juice or cordial. only coffee, tea or water to drink.
  • eat less cakes and ice creams (hard to do with the girls about)
  • eat breakfast so i dont get caught in the snack trap
  • no pre-packaged biscuits and no lollies. i wont say no to chocolate but i'll try to keep it to special occasions

i know how much resolve i have (not a lot) so i'll leave it there for now and consider how much more committed i want to get then post again. it will keep me accountable. progress report in a month, 5th feb.


  1. A plan is the place to start and now you have it written down. See you in a month.

  2. A very worthwhile resolution. And brave of you to make it so publicly! I guess one tactic is not to eat until you're genuinely hungry, no stuffing down those tasty looking biscuits that someone's just thrust at you. Easier said than done of course. Keep us informed on how it's going....

  3. I hear you. Some of my medication encourages the weight to come on, and my thyroid issues do as well. I am less active than I was and eat no less. So.. I am rivalling the Michelin woman and like you are starting small steps in the right direction. Small steps which I hope become confident strides for both of us.

  4. Hey Spesh,

    Glad you have a plan, the thing is to stick to it. 10kg should be no problem in a year - I wouldn't be surprised if you lost more. This comes from experience. Echoing Elephant's Child, small steps, but thankfully in the right direction.

    Love ya Spesh,

    Peej xx


  5. Kylie,
    Your plan is a good one.
    All the very best with it.
    This is the 1st time I have
    ever read a publicly stated

  6. ok 10kg over 12 months equates to approximately 0.83 kg per month ! That doesn't sound as bad hey ? I agree with having breakfast to stave off the snack attacks ! Good luck and let's hope you start with getting rid of that pesky 830g !!

  7. Hope it is going well. Best of luck to you in your battle of the bulge. Is it OK to say that? Sometimes Mrs. Shife gives me the eyeball if I say something like that so I just want you to know I wasn't trying to be rude or insensitive. I should just shut up now. Good luck. Take care.

  8. I like it. Definitely some effort involved, but a realistic goal. I think that's the key to "resolutions" - not biting off more than you can chew.

    Ha! See what I did there?

  9. If you get tired of coffee, tea, and water, you might buy juice and mix one part juice with three parts water. Once you get used to this, full-strenght juice tastes like syrup.

  10. Yes I'm in the same boat. It's not until the hot weather comes that you realise you don't look quite as good in that sun dress or cossie as you thought you did. I'm crap at breakfast too...really need to fix that. Good luck!


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