Wednesday, 26 March 2014

spoiled rotten

i have only personally owned one dog but there was also the a couple we had as i was growing up, i loved them all but none of them would have been allowed on the couch, not in my house and not in my parents'. i am not a dogs-on-couches person but this little guy just gets away with it.

is it because he is smaller? because he is non-shedding? because i will give him back to his real owners and they can deal with his naughtiness?
or is it something to do with him looking cold after having had a haircut right before the first cold-ish snap of the year?
it could be because he actually asks, irresistibly with a paw on the blanket and a whine

or it could just be that i get to be a softer old git with every passing day.


  1. Or could it just be that the training that they dog has been doing is finally starting to work?
    And how well I remember the 'discussions' in my family about whether the German Shepherd was allowed on chairs. She said she was. And won every time we turned out backs.

  2. lol! it is most definitely the training!
    german shepherds are smart and way too big to argue with :)

  3. It's love, Kylie. Defrosts the most hardened.


  4. lol! indeed it does Ursula!

  5. We have a female that came home to heal and recover after a car hit her and broke her hind leg and hip. She is now fully healed and you can't make out that she ever was like that. She is part of the family now and has access to every chair, sofa, bed and room bar my bed and the kitchen. She will however fight with me for my favourite sofa. Most times, I yield.

  6. rummuser,
    i need to keep this guy out of the should train him for me!

  7. I couldn't resist letting him up there either.


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