Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I am not usually one to generalise about having a bad day/ week/ year. I try to view the unfortunate events as single and random events but this week might have to be an exception

monday, i lost my purse. i have no idea what happened to it. either i dropped it and didnt hear it or  that nice lady who stopped to compliment me on my bag was actually a pick pocket. or maybe a pickpocket just took a chance when i was distracted.

tuesday, i left dinner cooking on the stove so the family could serve themselves while i was out at the movies with a friend. the gas blew out and nobody knew so dinner didnt cook and they didnt find out until they wanted to eat. they managed to get it cooked about an hour late when everybody was starving.

this morning (wednesday) i woke up to freshly baked bread. it looked like this


  1. I am told that they are more common in your neck of the woods!

  2. well all i can say is we need an exorcism and we aint getting one!

  3. When the gas blew out, why didn't they smell the raw gas coming in?

    I'm not sure what you think is wrong with the bread--maybe it's not cooked enough? Anyway, I like dough so much that sometimes it seems a shame to bake it.

  4. snow,
    they never seem to smell it! one day when i get a new stove it will have the safety feature to stop the gas.

    i forgot the yeast in the bread, it was flat and horrible and i had to toss it :(


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