Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Abandoned baby

My website was dropping in the all important google rankings. Then there was a hiccup with the server, which took a couple of days to resolve. The end result of all of that is that "Doula Kylie" is pretty invisible to the public and I must make every possible effort to get it back to page one.

To that end, please take a moment to click the link once, twice or (best of all) incessantly for my offerings on a current news story



  1. Done once and liked for a link to fb.

  2. Done it up good and even left a fascinatingly original comment.

  3. That poor woman. There is more to this story that meets the eye.
    Much more.

  4. EC,
    when something is incomprehensible....well, thats the sign to look harder really, isnt it?

  5. Not that i understand google ranks etc...hope 10 clicks that opened in 10 tabs helped.

  6. Thank you, Mark!

    I'm slowly clawing my way back to visibility


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