Saturday, 7 February 2015

self portrait

over at "going gently" john has written a list of "I am ......" statements.
in the absence of any other inspiration i thought i might as well copy him.

i am the softest mother in the world
i am a wife, daughter, sister
i am unapologetically  grey haired
i am best friend to nobody
i am friendly to many
i am a lover of food in most forms at all times
i am a doula
i am developing as a businesswoman
i am (apparently) an eccentric
i am, i guess, if i had to label it, a socialist
i am a disinterested housekeeper
i could be generously described as a rustic cook
i am contradictory
sometimes i am funny
i am a feminist
i am the church morning tea lady, despite my strenuous wishes not to be
i am the play group kitchen helper where i help little and get distracted by conversation much
i enjoy film and will very happily go to the movies alone
i am, after decades, finally confident enough that i wouldnt embarrass Jesus by saying i am a Christian

i am repetitively, maybe annoyingly, an advocate of, evangelist for and avid consumer of chiropractic treatment


  1. Love it.
    And cannot see any contradictions in that list. None.

  2. I wish more people thought about whether they discredit religion by claiming to be religious.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Why, when you delete a comment, does Blogger tell everyone that it was you who deleted it so that they can wonder what the hell you said that was so inappropriate that you shamefully hurried back to erase it? Sometimes, I think it better to leave the stupid comment even though the only thing wrong with it was that it was posted under the wrong post. This brings me to another question: am I the only one who sometimes (twice anyway) posts comments to the wrong post?

  5. Well, great, now stupid Blogger doesn't show that it was me who deleted the stupid comment. It did a moment ago, so why not now? Is it trying to make me look like a moron? Don't answer that!

  6. snow, i usually delete the deleted comments for the sake of streamlining but i suspect that would be even m ore galling :)

  7. and...
    it's obviously a conspiracy

  8. I can't see anything noticeably eccentric about that list. All perfectly respectable statements. Unless you're carefully hiding all the truly eccentric tendencies.

    I like it that you're unapologetically grey haired.

  9. Kia ora Kylie...
    I think it adds up to fine sum. You are very cool. Hope all is well.

  10. nick,
    the thing about eccentricity is that i think i'm normal!
    i guess that the grey hair, left politics and interest in natural therapies is enough to make me eccentric in some quarters

  11. Kia Ora Robb,
    Cool is a true compliment to me, thanks.
    Everything in my world is good. Just looking at your profile pic, that teeny boy must be a good bit bigger these days :)

  12. I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

  13. And you're Carly... enough said.


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