Friday, 7 October 2016


In July I was asked to be guest speaker for a group of elderly ladies who meet at church each week to sing a couple of songs, drink coffee and have some kind of light "food for thought".
I received a very warm welcome in July so this week, with a break in the play group routine, I was free to visit the ladies.
I was running a little late and missed the morning tea (which I was counting on to supplement my breakfast) but I was there in time to get involved in the conversation about kindness.
Part of the conversation included being asked to compliment the person to our right. Some people were specific "I think you are wise" or "There's not a quiz question she can't answer".
Others were a lot more vague "please don't change because I just like you" or "thanks for making coffee for the congregation every week"
It made me think about how to give a good compliment, noticing the areas where somebody is talented or makes an effort, being specific and being genuine.

Whats the best compliment you ever received?


  1. I find compliments difficult. And don't take them well. A work in progress.
    However, a while ago on the crisis line a caller thanked me for listening and for caring.

  2. Lately, the best comments have been about my spelling skills when I won the Senior Spelling Bee. Even four or five months later, people who have seen me for the first time compliment me. Just lately, I have received compliments on my hair that I cut myself.

    As for the best compliment ever, I don't know.

    This was a very good subject today.
    Practical Parsimony

  3. Compliments come many and varied. The "best" compliment I ever received? When the midwife who saw the Angel latch on for the first time wrote in my post natal notes: "She is a natural". I had never doubted I would be "a natural", yet it was lovely to have it confirmed by someone in the know.

    Come to think of it, the "compliments" I have cherished the most over the last twenty five years are those related to being the mother I am to my son. And my cooking, naturally.

    The compliment I'd like to pay you that you are astute (not least when it comes to the human condition), you are forthright when speaking your mind, you are warm and compassionate without being cloying. That's just for starters ...


  4. I am not sure of the best one, but the most recent best was from one of the downs adults I volunteer with who told my I was a great friend. I take that as a very honest compliment and treasure it.

  5. "You are the best Thatha (Grandfather) in the world." From my two grand nieces who had come over for a visit.

  6. EC,
    I am amazed at the number of blogs you follow, never appearing to find any of them hard to relate to, always interested and supportive of the writer.

    Just say thank you, it's easy when you do it a couple of times ;)

  7. Linda,
    I can't imagine being able to cut my own hair and look even semi decent!

    I think you have a lot of challenges that would tempt me to give up completely but you persevere with good grace

  8. Ursula,
    I thank you for your thoughtful compliments.

    You are all of those things, yourself. And bold.

  9. Mark,

    Ah yes! There is no greater compliment than that one!

  10. Anne,

    That is definitely a compliment to treasure, it wouldn't have been said for any reason but genuine appreciation.

  11. Ramana,

    They are perceptive girls!

  12. Kylie, thank you from me too.
    I am endlessly fascinated by people.

  13. I had a wonderful compliment from my older daughter via email today, I won't go into it, but it was lovely.

    I often receive compliments on what I wear from strangers and it always makes me feel good.

  14. Joey,
    I think that compliments from our children are very valuable. Young adulthood is so self absorbed, it takes something special to get them to notice.

    Actually, compliments from strangers fall into the same category so well done!


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