Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Night

This weekend my cousin has been visiting from New Zealand so things have been a little busier for me than they usually would be. IKEA is not in business in New Zealand so a visit there was a priority for cousin S. My sister and I helped, of course. We had lunch and made helpful suggestions about interior decor, we told silly stories and remarked on kitchen design. We laughed pretty much the whole way through the store, all three hours (or was it four?)
Then there was a gathering of the clan for dinner where more silly stories were told and backyard soccer was played until the ball was kicked into a neighbouring yard and great rolling tears were shed by the young players.

Today I had arranged to drive cousin S and her men to the touristy part of town. On the way, there was a cat on the road and fearing for his owners, I moved the poor deceased moggie to the footpath. I have never done that before and hesitated a little but managed without any real distress.
Lunch with a couple of friends stretched long into the afternoon and I came home just as my young ones headed out. University is almost finished for the year and their collective sigh of relief is almost palpable.
I spent the evening browsing youtube, mostly listening to old hymns, where I came across one I remember singing as a child. The familiar song and congregational singing were comforting after a busy weekend and the final verse was fitting for this coming election week:

  1. So be it, Lord; Thy throne shall never,
    Like earth’s proud empires, pass away:
    Thy kingdom stands, and grows forever,
    Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.


  1. I haven't sung that hymn for years, but enjoyed hearing it again.

    4 hours in Ikea!! Oh my. I tend to go there 30 minutes before the store closes knowing just what I want and heading straight for it, although I have been known to get lost a few times! :D

  2. Four hours in Ikea? I would be a gibbering mess. Ikea and Costco both do my head in.
    You are a hero.
    Love the smiles in your photo.
    And, as someone who shares her life with cats, thank you.

  3. LL cool Joe,
    I rarely think that it's worth going to Ikea for anything but once there I am just as susceptible to their clever marketing as anyone else!

  4. EC,
    I was pretty sore and tired but the company was worth it. i dont go to costco anymore, its no cheaper than aldi or specials in woolworths and aldi or woolies are a lot less drama

  5. Glad you had some quality cousin time.
    There is no Ikea here so when I go I have to drive to Atlanta. I stay for several hours (all day) just to make the trip worth the drive.
    Lovely hymn!

  6. One advantage of living in the slum is the closest IKEA is forty miles off. It is probably good for us, as I would most likely pick all kinds of things that could at best be classified as mix and unmatch.

    I assume your final line is about the US elections. *meh* Americans are American and the end result will be as it has evolved, most of us here will do all we can to ignore every possible reality the government sanctions. Few here are looking at the international landscape and what is happening off shore. That is probably one of the biggest reasons the R's are still in the race. I imagine my friends in other countries are more concerned with the election's outcome than need be, but on the other hand this election could impact the world for a generation. 36 more hours and a new age begins in the US.

  7. It is always good to have family visiting or visiting family. I always enjoy such get togethers.

  8. Anne,
    i probably wouldn't make a long trip for Ikea at all but they do have a few good deals

  9. Mark,
    There is a lot of mix and unmatch here, the legacy of many hand me downs!

    I usually think that democracies have enough checks and balances to limit the actions of a poor politician but I'm really starting to wonder if that is true

  10. Ramana,
    Your joy in your family is very obvious!


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