Monday, 2 October 2017


My daughter found this lorikeet on the road today, his left claw is not functioning and looks like the hand of a stroke victim. He also keeps falling forward. On the plus side, he has a good voice and a strong bite.
I have seen these birds fly into objects many times, I have also seen them rolling around on the ground in a distressed state and later die. They seem very susceptible to head injuries so it was no surprise when the wildlife rescue people said it sounds like concussion or neurological damage.
Seven hours from finding him there is no improvement so I'm thinking it's more serious than concussion. A rescue volunteer will pick him up in the morning. I hope he can be helped but if not, at least he won't be squished under a car or terrorised by a cat.

Update: Norman was picked up by a wildlife rescuer this morning. She was taking him to the vets, along with another just like him. She didn't make any comment about his future.


  1. I salute your daughter and you.

  2. Poor wee thing. I hardly ever see injured birds. They must crawl away somewhere out of sight to recover - or not, as the case may be.

    1. My observation is that wild things usually don't have long periods of illness or recuperation. In the case of birds they quickly get up and fly off or they succumb to their injury.
      I hope this one is okay but I suspect he may never return to the wild

  3. They are such beautiful birds; I'm glad you are helping him.

  4. They are gorgeous birds. You and your daughter have very kind hearts.

  5. Poor Norman. I hope he can be helped further - and send big thanks to you and your daughter.

  6. When I played golf in Australia I have to say that I could see them far enough because they would happily pinch your golf ball. However I can't bear to see any living creature suffering. I hope that Norman survives.

  7. What a lovely bird. I'd never heard of a lorikeet before.


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