Wednesday, 13 December 2017


I'm sure you hear about people who are dying and write letters for their children to open at pivotal moments in life. My children are all young adults now and hopefully I have imparted all the big ideas, the general life advice. I got to wondering, if I was writing for my children or any other, what would I say to them?

  • if you can possibly afford to buy mid-range shoes they will be far more comfortable, last better and look better than cheap ones, disproportionately better than the price difference
  • love in an action, you can do it even when the feeling fails you
  • have a spiritual practice
  • eat what goes off and eat it before it does
  • talk to your kids. talk about tv shows and what happens at school, tell them stories from your life, talk to them in the car or waiting at the doctors or over dinner
  • sometimes trusting people backfires but mostly it doesn't
  • take lots of photos
  • keep your neck warm in winter
  • be kind
What would your words to the world be?


  1. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

  2. I don't know, but my mother said to buy leather shoes, buy a home, and get a college education. She emphasized all three when she was alive. I do/did all three. Of course, she did say other things and emphasized other actions and values.

    1. i like your mother's advice. I am starting to get the idea that a college education might not be as helpful as it once was but some kind of decent training is imperative.

  3. Listen to your conscience; there's a reason you have one.
    Eat more vegetables.
    Be true to yourself

    And I agree with all of yours, and echo "love is an action", "keep your neck warm in winter" and "be kind"! You give good advice, kylie.

    1. Thank you jenny. Your three are all great advice!

  4. Commit your life to God, so you have the chance of eternal life.
    Love the unloveable.
    Find something you are passionate about, so getting up in the morning isn't something you dread.

    1. Love the unloveable is a very honorable goal

    2. I was thinking about my mother actually.

    3. I know. And you are loving her and doing it well

  5. Don't just think about doing things, do them!
    Remember the tale of The Good Samaritan and strive to be like him.
    Be proud of yourself and try not to compare yourself with others.
    Stand up for what is right.
    Cherish the birds and the insects.
    Put a blown-up picture of me above your fireplace!

    1. hang on, a portrait of you above all fireplaces would make you into some kind of deity?

      Great list, YP

  6. When you buy shoes, do so in the evenings when you had been wearing a pair the whole day. Don't compromise on comfort in facour of style.

    Buy and use comfortable underwear all the time.

    Trust your instinctls.

    Have a spiritual practice;

    Eat three meals a day quantities in descending order, Break fast, big; Lunch, medium; and dinner small.

    Trust people till it is proven otherwise.

    Take lots of photos;

    Wear comfortable clothes all the time.

    Be kind and gentle to all beings.

    1. I expected some good ideas from you and you delivered!

  7. Stay curious and open to life. No matter what happens keep learning and growing. Find what you love to do and find a way to share it with others.

    1. All great advice, Ms Monk!
      Thanks for visiting


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