Sunday, 11 March 2018

The things I say

Some of the things I say on repeat:

  • What time are you going?
  • Do  you need to eat?
  • What time is your train?
  • Has Harry been fed?
  • What are we gonna have for dinner?
  • Are you home for dinner tonight?
  • What time will you be back?
  • Are you going to work today?
  • Are you going to the gym?
  • Can you get milk?
  • Can you get bread?
  • Does that uniform need washing?
  • Bye
  • See you later
  • Have a good day

If you had a parrot, what would it learn to say?


  1. Hardly anything as there is rarely any conversations at home.

    1. Oh, Ramana! You may have come up with a perfect plot for an even more perfect play.

      WHAT? "... rarely any conversations"? Never mind, there may be hope for your imaginary parrot yet: The things we mutter under our breath, unnoticed by anyone not least ourselves.


    2. Do you talk to Chutki? I ramble away to Harry as though he understands every word

    3. Conversation with Chutki is usually baby talk.

  2. I have a parrot, and he says:

    I love you.
    See you soon.
    Hey baby.
    Good night/Good morning
    Hey Georgie (the dog)
    Hey Ginger (the other dog)
    Are you ok? (learned while my husband was going through chemo)
    Take a shower?
    Wanna come out?
    Mmmm, it's good.
    Is it good?
    What's up?
    What are you doing?
    What's wrong with you?
    Sweet bird!

    1. It's good to see you here, Jennifer.
      Your parrot has quite a vocabulary!

  3. How was your day? Any preferences for supper? Did you see that thing in the news? (to husband)
    Hey, buddy! Good girl! Ow - you need your claws trimmed! (to the cats)

    There was a lot more on repeat when our kids were at home!

  4. I don't know, Kylie. I'll leave it to the parrot to take its discerning pick. It'll be spoiled for choice. Little of your mother hen stuff though.


    1. I'd prefer household manager :)

    2. kylie,
      Someone has to do it, no matter what you call it. Household manager has a better ring to it for my ears.

      Here is something for you.

  5. You are running off the road.
    You missed the turn.
    Park closer.
    Are you okay?
    How was (whatever I cooked?
    I need my inhaler.
    sniff, sniff
    be careful.
    Call me when you get home.
    do you need water?
    okay, I will be right out.
    Is it raining hard?
    Where is the remote?
    Where is my phone?
    where is the mouse? (cordless)
    Where is a pen, pencil/marker?
    I dropped (any of above).
    Will you open this?
    Stop, you are breaking it.
    How was work, today?
    What was happening at church?
    What was that noise?
    Aren't the flowers pretty?

    And, I live alone!

    1. Nobody here appreciates my handy driving feedback so I grit my teeth!
      I am regularly looking for stuff, so we have that in common!

  6. If I had a parrot, it would probably learn to say "So what time will you be back?", "Would you like a cup of tea?" and "Did you turn off the central heating?"

    1. All common questions! Would you like a cup of tea is a particularly good one

  7. To Jazz: You have been fed. Generously. There won't be any more for a while.
    To himself: Your rotten cat has just spiked me again.

    And without words the parrots who visit make their wants very clear. Both humans respond quickly.

    1. Does Jazz actually listen or does he just demand more food as he sees fit? Because if he has to wait you are not a good slave ;)

    2. You have been listening to Jazz. He says (loudly and often) that he is treated very badly. And is starved. Though the vet disagrees.

  8. Lol! A lot of your comments are similar to mine as we both have adult children :) But I do talk an awful lot to my two cats when I'm on my own.
    I already fed you...nice try though
    I'll play with you later, right now I'm.....(reading the paper, doing the laundry etc...)
    Did you miss me?
    Be good girls...I won't be long...
    Luna...get away from Lily's food
    Lily - stick up for yourself!
    Eek your nose is cold!
    Get out of the dryer!
    Let's clip your nails...hey...where did you go?!
    etc etc

    1. I didn't even think about what I say to the dog. mostly variations on "you are a sweetheart"
      there is also "get out of the bin" and "get DOWN"

  9. "Buy "Brexit" - the best parrot seed money can buy"
    "A pint of Tetley's please"
    "Why the hell do you people keep phoning me?"
    "Have a good day"
    "Have you got the zapper?"
    "Pardon me"
    "Do you want a cup of tea?"
    "God Save The Queen"
    "Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!"
    "In case of bremergency use the "Brexit" "

    1. Where did I put that b@#$ ikea allen key?
      Who the hell invented flatpacks?
      Said the vicar to the actress

    2. How on earth did you know that b@#$ is one of my favourite words?

    3. It’s one of my favourite words too.

  10. Hello Kylie, I found you blog via nickhereandnow.
    This is a really fun post.
    Here goes:
    I know I’ve said this before ….but
    What time did you want picking up?
    What time are we meeting?
    Where are my keys?
    Where is my phone?
    To my dogs - It’s not dinner time yet
    Put it in the dishwasher
    Come on Buster you can do it - Buster is my 7 year old Lurcher, he has a few issues with thresholds between rooms even though we have flat wooden floors throughout!
    I must clean those windows

    1. Hi Polly! Thanks for visiting!

      I'm sorry I can't comment on anything you said because my mind is just fixated on "lurcher" Gotta love those ratbags!

  11. Hi Kylie, i’m unable to talk most of the time. That can be a good thing.

    1. When you can't talk, you can type your favourite word b#$% or maybe get it on a shirt and just point :)

  12. I am fairly sure you do not want an honest answer to what MY parrot would say Kylie. It's hard enough not to let my grandson in on my specialized vocabulary.

    I do remember, from long ago, what I said to my kids on constant repeat: "Clean out that damn car." It was a was a waste of breathe though. Why doi kids cars always smell like gym funk, fast food, and noxious gas expulsions?

    1. haha "specialised vocabulary" I guess you mean engineering jargon?

      my son's car is full of receipts and smells of dog. I try to pretend I don't notice

  13. I have lived on my own for nearly 20 years and although the house is well used to guests they just confuse the parrot. So my parrot is likely to learn one thing: "What did I come in here for?".

    1. oh yea, I know that one! sometimes resolved when you go back to where you started :)


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