Saturday, 17 April 2021

Poems 83 & 84



  1. I am reveling in cooler mornings and love those nights where snuggling into bed is a treat rather than sweaty torture.
    Love your joyous plant too.

    1. I'm also much happier with cooler weather.

  2. Ha, yep, the sweaty torture is just beginning in the UK...

    1. Ugh. Around 20 degrees is my sweet spot. I'm not at all fussy! haha

  3. *Little bathroom plant* is definitely *a spot of joy*.
    Even painted representations of plants, flowers, fruit, shrubs, trees fill us with joy. Think of Monet and Cezanne and Constable.
    Francis Schaeffer said God allowed the Jews to make images of plants in the Temple, but never images of the Lord !

    I am glad the cooler weather agrees with you. You said the dynamic of the pandemic had changed. An interesting idea.

    It gave me something to think about this morning when I got my second vaccine.
    It was in a huge auditorium; like a spaceship from outside; like a temple of darkness within; completely black and oppressive.
    My cheerful nurse said she had been here for a concert once, and felt claustrophobic.
    The black tiered seating is way up in the gods. Even the roofing is black. Horrid.

    By chance I revisited a Derek Prince (1915-2003) lecture on YouTube:
    *How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking.* 2018 BR Ministries.
    According to Wikipedia Mr Prince was educated at the University of Cambridge and died in Jerusalem.
    He speaks on the danger of familiar spirits in families and cultures.
    Jack Haggerty
    P.S. I have no time for Joseph Prince (no relation to Derek) who has made millions from his false glitzy preaching. Joel Osteen is even worse !

    1. How was your second shot? apparently the second is the one with the side effects.

      A black stadium sounds like an awful lot of black. Green is said to be the most relaxing colour and of course the natural green of plants is even better.

      I'm no fan of Joseph Prince or Joel Osteen. I recenly read about these well known preachers and their designer clothing worth thousands. That's not Jesus' way

    2. The second shot was fine; I hope yours is, Kylie.
      My sister in Cheltenham felt exhausted after her first vaccine, but only slightly tired after her second. She is a 73-year-old who likes gardening.

      My younger brother and sister, who live in south and north London, caught the virus earlier this year.

      My delicate sister, just turned 65, had a dry cough and nothing more.
      My brother, a strong man of 61, was ill for weeks with sweats and exhaustion, but insisted on going back to work (in a hospital lab) after a four week sick line.
      After his second vaccine he felt unwell for a couple of days, taking to his bed. Again sweats, coughing, exhaustion.

      Our prayers and grief go to the people of India:
      *Mourn with those who mourn* as Saint Paul said, but the rich world will need to help India in real material terms.

      Alisa Childers has very sound theology especially on the dangers of so-called Progressive Christianity. YouTube.

      *Christianity and the Modern World: Bishop Barron, Jordan Peterson.*
      April 19 2021. Jordan B Peterson. YouTube.
      I admire Peterson as I do Bishop Robert Barron.
      I cannot understand why Peterson gets a hard time from the trendy Left.

      Jack Haggerty (christened John).

    3. Hi jack,
      Your comments have gone to my email so I don't miss them. Any comment on any post older than a week is emailed and I approve it manually.
      I'll do that when I'm using a computer, it's a bit hard on the phone.
      Covid is so unpredictable, isn't it? As shown by the way it affected your siblings.
      There are no vaccines available to me yet, the whole program has been delayed. There's also very little disease around so I'm not concerned.

  4. I posted a reply but it did not go on, Kylie.
    My second shot caused no more reaction than my first.
    I hope yours is as easy as mine was, and I am a fit almost-70.

    My younger brother caught the virus earlier this year.
    He was ill for weeks: exhaustion, sweats, coughing.
    He told his doctor he wanted to return to his job, four weeks off was enough.
    He works in a hospital lab, south London.

    His second shot put him in bed again, this time for a few days.
    So the Long Covid was still in his system.
    We must pray for the people of India, get our governments to provide substantial aid.

    Alisa Childers is my recent YouTube discovery.
    Her theology is sound and she sees the hidden dangers of so-called Progressive Christianity which appeals to the young and to the Left in the political realm.

    *Christianity and the Modern World: Bishop Barron and Jordan Peterson.*
    Jordan B Peterson. YouTube. April 2021.

    I admire Peterson and Barron.
    Why Peterson gets flak from the secular establishment is a mystery.
    Even someone as clever as Steven Pinker calls Peterson *counter Enlightenment*.

    I read New Scientist, Scientific American, and BBC's Science Focus: all magazines devoted to the project that began with the Enlightenment.

    Jack Haggerty (christened John)


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