Friday, 26 November 2021

Harry's New Bed


Last week I saw this HUGE bear on the side of the road waiting for the rubbish truck and decided to grab it for the dogs.

I turned the car around, dragged it from under some things and started dragging it back to the car. It's quite heavy for a stuffie....

and I thought I might trip on a wayward leg or something (mine or Bear's)

An elderly couple were walking past with their French Bulldog and stopped to pick some (much smaller) toys, commenting to me about how the dog would love them.

As I stuffed Bear into the passenger seat they called out to me "there's another one!"

"One is enough" 

I drove around all day with Bear helpfully leaning out to check on the traffic and as I couldn't see around it, I had to rely on Bear's expert advice. We are still in one piece so it worked.

The dogs were excited to meet Bear and Harry tried to take Bear to his bed but Bear was too heavy to be dragged anywhere much so Bear has become the bed.

The toy de rigeur for greyhounds is the cuddlepillar. 

Everything in this house is just slightly off centre.


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

It must be a lovely home. What in Japanese will be called Wabi Sabi.

nick said...

The dogs must be loving their new friend. What a great unexpected find. I've never heard of a cuddlepillar, so I googled it. They're certainly colourful!

Ms Scarlet said...

Great find!! My dog would probably start barking at the bear, he seems to like making a big nest from fluffy blankets instead of sitting in a bed - easily pleased!

Practical Parsimony said...

That was a wonderful find. I bear that big is certainly bed material. It is a good thing bear helped you watch for cars. Harry certainly approves.

Elephant's Child said...

Harry looks totally blissed out - and Bear looks happy too.
What a wonderful find - and you weren't even hunting for bear...

jenny_o said...

Harry is adorable in his outfit :D
That bear looks very clean for something set out for the rubbish. I love that Harry is using it as a bed since he can't use it for a toy.
And your line "We are still in one piece so it worked" made me laugh! A stuffed bear as navigator is VERY safe, everyone knows that!

Wisewebwoman said...

Love your description of the car ride with the bear!

Initially I thought your dog had one hell of a skin condition until I saw it was a lovely coat.

he looks blissful on his very own bear.


kylie said...

I had to look up Wabi Sabi. It's a lovely idea, thank you :)

Cuddlepillars are so popular that people post on facebook to let other dog owners know what shops have them in stock!

Ms Scarlet,
Blanket nests are popular here, too. Usually they are made with MY blankets!

kylie said...

Practical Parsimony,
Bear wore his seatbelt and everything, what a well behaved chap :)

kylie said...

Harry is very fond of anything soft and fluffy, Bear will make a change from sleeping on dressing gowns

I wasn't aware that Bears are great navigators, maybe I should take him with me more often!

In colder places greyhounds seem to be better acclimatised but Harry wears a t-shirt or coat anytime the temperature is below about 19C

Dr Michelle Frantom (aka Dr Mad Fish of Mad Fish Designs) said...


Graham Edwards said...

Well I have to say that I really enjoyed a good laugh at the picture of Harry and his 'bed' not to mention your description of the homecoming.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I hope you remembered to put Bear's seatbelt on when he was sitting in the passenger seat. Without a seatbelt, if you had braked quickly, he might have fractured his skull on the windscreen or worse still he might have flown through it. A handsome addition to your family Kylie.

kylie said...

Thank you, Mr Pudding. I did, indeed, buckle him in but it took some doing :)