Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Before I Die.....

CSI over there in Seattle is asking for suggestions about what to do before he dies so my first suggestion, Brian, is make a will.......

My thoughts on what I would like to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil include but are not limited to:

  • see a baby born

  • travel....the list of destinations varies from time to time but currently includes Africa, NYC, Tasmania, most of Australia actually, India maybe......

  • see what kind of adults my cherubs become

I expect this list will grow as I think......
Thought of another one:


  1. I am sure you will have the opportunities to do them all. Get to planning!

  2. CSI and I made amends, so coming here and seeing this was icing on the cake. I'm thinking about my "Before I die..." It's hard. Yours are beautiful. They made me smile and think. I love you. Perhaps that's one for my list. To make sure I tell everyone before I die, that I love them.

    Have a beautiful day.


  3. @ suze
    i can see you're taking dr p's advice very seriously.....not!
    i saw your love fest with brian and i can only say that i would expect no less from either of you....well done :)

  4. @ k
    that will depend on the people having the babies!

  5. I'm so glad about Brian and Suzanne--yes you two I am--

    anyway, I also started a "50 things" list--although I like to think of it not as things to do before I die (ergh, too worrisome that way). I'm making it on "my50.com" just to be organized. It's a great idea, isn't it? And I really like yours. Here's something funny--my mom never had "see a baby being born" on her list until she inadvertantly stuck around to see my daughter being born, and then she said it was one of her most magical moments in life...go figure...

    I love your items so far. And that restaurant looks fantastic!

  6. Special,

    It is indeed hard to think of 50 things to do before you die. I think I want to do everything! Is that possible?

    Well, one of my dreams came true tonight (see blog) :-)

    Love your last 'thing' - I'm sure they'll grow up to be just as special as you....

    luv ya hun,

    Peej xxxx

  7. Kylie,

    The "will" suggestion is actually a very good idea. Mrs. CSI and I have talk about it, but so far, talk is all we've done.

    By the way, if you are going to list travel destinations, you could at least include Seattle to the list.

    I think that one of your goals should be to personaly meet each person who posts a comment here. And wouldn't it be cool if you got over 50 comments?

  8. Sorry Kyles, I can't...well actually, i won't help you out with the baby thing :) Maybe you'll have to wait till ur girls have kids?

  9. @leah,
    i'm glad your mum got to see hedgie born. i think women do so much actual having of babies it probably doesn't occur to them that it would be awesome to watch
    (and i dont mean you have to watch everything)
    i'll drop by and read your list sometime......
    50 things? amazing, i cant think of 5

  10. @PPB
    i think i suffer terminal lack of imagination because i cant think of much and i dont want to do it all !
    love ya

  11. @CSI
    ok, Seattle too...just to see where Greys Anatomy is set :)

    50 comments and 50 visits would be awesome (that seems to be my word of the day)
    can you subsidise that?

  12. @ na
    nup, never thought i'd be seeing Jared and Jayden arrive :)

  13. Hi honey. I'm taking a break from the CA fires to relax. My poor head is pounding out my skull from all the smoke it's had to absorb. These fires better end soon because I'm not good with this sorta crap.

    I just read IV's blog. Cheese and Denim were kind enough to update us. They're fine. I updated them as well. The news was so depressing this morning. Being in the Central Valley we're getting all the smoke from the north, the south, the east and the west. It's insane here with all the fires. The newscaster said "...it doesn't matter which way the wind blows." She's right. It's absolute hell and I feel like absolute garbage.

    But, I still have that old stress to deal with and no, Dr P apparently didn't make the impression she'd hope!!! I suck at instructions. I talked to my mom this morning. She called to check in and see if we're okay. Then she asked about everthing else and of course I told her the truth. She said "Suzanne, you're pathetic." I didn't know Mom knew what the word meant! I was highly insulted and told her so. She basically told me to go to hell and straighten out. Hummmmmmmm. Apparently I have some work to do if I'm going to get there and do that. She's still so bossy. Mothers.

    And CSI. Thanks for your kind words pretty lady. And thanks for having faith in us. I didn't even have faith in us until Hedgie decided she wanted a garden. Somehow she (and of course darling Leah) made me see beyond stupid. Never, in a million years, did I expect Brian to forgive me or even respond. Never. I simply wanted to apologize in an effort to move on, but he forgave me, and so here we are. The original group. I think what matters most is that we all love one another and even if we fail in some way, we're willing to forgive. I suspect this group will survive forever. I believe that with all my heart. Somehow 1Pic brought together an amazing group of people and I love him for that. I also suspect there are other groups he brought together who are just as grateful. Sometimes the planets align.

    I love you sweetie. And thanks.


  14. Very good things in your list. They've got me thinking too about what kind of things I'd put in my list. I think that at this point in my life, I've done more than I ever thought I'd get to accomplish, but it's one of those deals where you can see the next set of accomplishments as being possible just because you crossed the last set of milestones ... if that makes sense. It's a tough list to make. I'll have to get back with you on that one.

    Best wishes,


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