Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fashion Fetish

This summer I had a bit of a fetish thing happening. I had to have a white dress. Why I had to have a white dress I don't know but I wouldn't rest until I got one. I looked at all kinds of white dresses in all kinds of shops. Any one of them might have been good at half the price but not one was worth the dollars being asked for it. Then I found this one. It was nothing like the others I had fawned over but I think I'll enjoy it for a season or three.

Have you ever had an un-ignorable fashion fetish?


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Yep, that's an un-ignorable fashion statement alright. Can't say I've ever seen anything quite like it before.

    Best fashion wishes,

  2. You are smokin' hot girl! I love the dress, the tights, the boots. Completely inspired. And yes, I've had many fashion fetishes. Every year one comes up, and this year for me it was spike-heeled ankle boots. I'm serious.

  3. I bought new dress shoes on Saturday. I would not exactly call it a fetish as it was my first new pair of brown shoes in ten years.

  4. "these boots were made for walkin..."

  5. I have one pair of jeans and three T-shirts that I wear year round. My wife wishes that I had a fetish for clothing.

  6. HI Khylie,
    I'm with Leah on this are smokin'!!

    Love shoes...purses...the list goes on and on...


  7. hey leah!
    yeah, spike heel ankle boots are the latest but it always takes me a season or two to catch up

    if i catch up :)

  8. bob,
    if your shoes last ten years you obviously buy good ones

    you can judge a man by his shoes, you know

  9. zack
    "and thats just what they'll do...."

  10. csi
    ever think of a collared shirt?
    thy're so hot

    tho i gotta say theres an old pic of you that i came across the other day and you look pretty buff in that tee :)

  11. gig,
    hi & thanks!

    i'm not so much of a bag girl. i think my total stands at about 10 bags but theres about 3 that are favourites

    did you read about my hair?

    what do you do to ease into grey hair nicely? or shouldnt i even consider that?


  12. Oh. My. God. I never posted my comment. I've been doing that a lot lately. I just stopped in before leaving for the park expecting a hilarious response. Hummmmmmmmmm. I'm going to the park in an effort to remember my post. I'll be back with a vengence!!!

    OX Suze

    P.S. This is frustrating! Okay, I'm going to actually post this RIGHT NOW!


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