Saturday, 20 December 2008

What a week!

This week I ironed my last grey school shirt. This time 9 years ago I was preparing to send my first born off to "big school". I couldn't bear to put him in a nasty grey shirt. A couple of years later Dimples followed his big bro to school. No.1 son duly graduated to high school and yesterday Dimples followed suit, hence the end of the grey shirts. Where did those 9 years go?

The whole school joined to form an arch which the year 6 kids walked under as their final farewell. It is an emotional day for the teachers, the parents, the graduating class and their friends in lower grades. Even the general assistant came out to mark the occasion.

To my surprise Dimples came out of the arch sobbing his little heart out but it didn't last long and don't tell him I said so ;)
Talking of school, the young 'uns have had a great year. No.1 son has been promoted to the extension classes for English and Science. He also had a glowing report which uses all those cliches I usually didn't qualify for: consistent, hard working, polite, talented .....
to top it off he was invited to join the school stage band.
Dimples finished his primary schooling with the admiration of his teachers because he didn't run away from school once this year! His peers voted him "drama queen" and he accepted graciously. That's progress.
The Princess received an award for consistent and conscientious effort. Her report was also glowing with praise.
The Tomboy was awarded for citizenship, her academic effort was good .....
all together I couldn't be more pleased.
The Princess complained of a sore mouth on Thursday night, by Friday she obviously had an abcess. She seemed to be going ok so I told her I would make a dentist appointment for the weekend and continued with my day. Half an hour later she was on the phone with a query about pain relief. The call to the dentist was moved forward, she was relievd of the problematic tooth and I was relieved of $100.
After feeling generally odd for a week or so I took myself off to the chiro for an extra appointment today. "Kylie, what have you done??" she asked me. I don't know what I did, only that her response made me think that at least I wasn't imagining this oddness I had been struggling with. She will probably never fix all of my oddness but I like to think I've been left with the endearing bit!
Finally, I went to the hairdressers for a decent colour treatment. It was a new hairdresser and she didn't listen to a word I said but she did alright with the colour and to the delight of my girls she blow dried my hair straight. I have never had straight hair. Ever. It's kind of nice actually, I could get used to it.

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  1. I commented down below. Jeasus Christ, I can't keep up with you!!!

    Great kids. As much as you don't think, you're a terrific mom. Wow!!! Mom, can you fix me some oatmeal? My day's about to begin. Let's sit, eat, have some tea or coffee and start our day. Oh, right, your day's ending. I can't win!!!

    I love you Kylie. Thanks for everything. I mean that. You're a great mom and a great friend. I love you very much. However, I'm not so sure about your housekeeping!!! What? How could I resist!


  2. hi there suze,
    the day might be ending but i always have time for coffee....

    i do think i'm a great mum actually, i just like taking the mickey out of myself!

    and i'm even great at housework this week. the taffster is moulting everywhere and it's just too much, even for me so i couldn't ignore it.


  3. Look at you with that new 'do! Don't you look lovely! Shame about your expression really, eh? hehehehe

    If I'm not on here again before, have a great Christmas!

    love ya,
    Peej xxx

  4. Oh my, forgot to mention your hair. It looks terrific. Are you going to be able to straighten it yourself?!!!! (And what's your true color?) Oh, and love the new photo. Hilarious! You're bold. I love that about you.

    I've gotta go because there's a whole heck of a lot of housekeeping to do and the kitties have all finally fallen to sleep. THANK GOD!!! Me time!

    I love you. Thank you for the Yarn and for giving me the space to find the answer. I mean that with all my heart. And thanks too for your kindness and encouragement along the way. I think I can finally bury her and honestly, I don't think I could have found that place in my heart without you and the Yarn. I don't. So thank you. I left the park today and didn't cry for the first time in well over a month. Progress.


  5. You look beautiful!

    Endings always have beginnings. A cliche perhaps, but true nonetheless.

  6. Hey, what's in the cage behind you?

  7. peej,
    you dont like my mock fierce?

    you have a wonderful Christmas too, possum


  8. suze,
    my hair was once very dark brown, almost like the pic. these days it's got more than a smattering of grey and i was actually starting to like the grey. i told the hairdresser that i kind of liked it and maybe i should have some lowlights to add gloss. she didnt know what i was talking about. bad omen :)
    i wouldnt have the first idea how to straighten my hair, or the patience but maybe i'll make a habit of getting a blow dry for special occasions....

    so pleased youre coming to terms with hillary's departure. you did great with her, you know?


  9. csi
    the cage at the back has zebra finches, an australian native bird that is very well suited to life in captivity. they belong to young dimples and we had 11 until a couple of weeks back when 9 just disappeared. we eventually found a hole where the wire had rusted through but how all 9 birds found that little hole i dont know.
    it was kind of a good thing, the eleven birds were all related and mostly male so now we can get a better balance and some new genetic material


  10. Peace and good will to yu and your family this Christmas. Best wishes for a prosperous 2009.

  11. You're pretty cute. :)

    Congrats to all the progeny on their awards and achievements!

  12. Kylie,

    The "fierce" look is partly genetic although it is posed.
    It is very much like an expression I saw on the dial of R.StC.K. L.J.J. and Dimples!

    Can't believe ow much like the originals it looks.


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